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Minding My Business With Octagon's Amen Teter

Age: 37

Where I'm from: Belmont, Vermont

Where I call home: Portland, Oregon

Position: Dir of Action Sports

Focusing on right now: Business and commercial opportunities for JAMIE ANDERSON, ALANA BLANCHARD, MITCHIE BRUSCO, and younger sister HANNAH TETER.

Teter attended last year's Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang
Best advice: Octagon Managing Director of Olympics & Action Sports PETER CARLISLE always kind of put in my head when I was younger, "Deal in this business with as much integrity as you can." I didn't really understand that when I first started as an action-sports agent, but it's challenging to find a lot of people who do business with integrity.

A must for a new hire: Someone who looks at things the same way we do. You've got to be able to sit down at the dinner table or at the bar and be able to speak the same language. You also want to make sure they have that passion and that love for the sport, and have the ability to operate within the culture of the sport.

Exec I most admire: I don’t want to float his stuff too much in here and act like it's a Peter worship session, but Peter is as good as it gets in this business. He's as smart and strategic as it gets, and that's what I've admired about him since I was much younger. I can't imagine having a better role model.

Best book I've read this year: "Rework," by JASON FRIED and DAVID HEINEMEIER HANSSON. It's a non-traditional look at business from a fresh perspective. Most people are like, "Write a business plan. Study the competition!" This is different, it's why those things are more harmful than they are helpful. You sometimes need less than you think. You don’t need to be a freak workaholic, you don't need to staff up and waste time on people working stuff. You need to start talking and just start working.

First thing in the morning: I usually pop onto and And, of course, SBD. I also pop over to mainstream news and check out CNN.

Talking tech: I barely go on Twitter, but I do like to go on and just see what the athletes are doing, just to tune in. And I do follow all the athletes in my sport, so I will go on occasionally to see what everyone's up to. When it comes to apps, I use Viber a lot, because you're talking internationally for free. I use Hightail and TinyScan to scan documents. And leisurely, I’m a big Spotify fan. I hear that Pandora is very similar, but for music consumption I feel like it's great to have access to any music.

Must have music: Anything by LED ZEPPELIN -- you can listen to that forever.

Food for thought: Just four blocks from my house is a restaurant called Ciao Vito, it's a favorite for me and my girlfriend. Whenever I'm home, we walk down to that little Italian restaurant and catch up. We cook at home probably four nights out of the week then go out two or three

How I unwind: I make red wine. For pinot, Oregon is becoming the new France. Especially as the climate warms, the climate there is becoming even better suited for it. We've got some of the best pinot in the world out of the Northwest, so we enjoy a nice bottle of wine and a nice meal. That's usually followed by one of our shows, like "WALKING DEAD," "HOMELAND" -- she really likes that one -- or "HOUSE OF CARDS."

Day in the life: Since I was in college I was managing my brother, ABE, who was one of the top snowboarders on the Burton team. I was hoping to negotiate his deals, so we started working together. And our other brother, ELIJAH, got involved, and in his own right became a top-level snowboarder. Then my little sister came along and she really blew the cork off the bottle, and really killed it and won the gold in Turin back in '06. That's when I realized I can make a business out of this.