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Volume 24 No. 113

Leagues and Governing Bodies

NFL teams that part ways with staff members this offseason "will have additional help" from the league as they search for new coaches and front-office execs, as it in the fall "created a panel of former coaches, coordinators and general managers to compile a roster of top candidates for those positions," according to Ken Belson of the N.Y. TIMES. The eight panelists that comprise the NFL Career Development Advisory Panel, "who met four times as a group, highlighted a few dozen potential candidates with professional and college football experience," and the candidates "were rated (but not ranked) based on how prepared they are to step into an NFL job." Personal biographies and statistics "were included in each summary," but the panel "did not interview candidates." The panel’s findings, "which clubs must request, were designed to complement, not replace, the executive search firms some teams use or the phone lists of club owners and team personnel." Coaches and GMs now "working for an NFL team (including those who may be fired) were not included." The recommendations of the new panel are "part of an effort by the NFL to offer clubs professional services that are typically provided by outside firms." The league in recent years "has hired ticketing experts and financial consultants, and helped teams find new owners." NFL Chief HR Officer Robert Gulliver said that he "did not know how many clubs would request the panel’s findings, which for privacy reasons will be available only in book format and will be delivered to teams." Team owners "may speak with the panel members" (N.Y. TIMES, 12/30).

GIVE IT THE OLD COLLEGE TRY: ESPN’s Merril Hoge said of college coaches moving to the NFL, “The success rate hasn’t been very good, but I think (Eagles coach) Chip Kelly gives you a little bit of hope that it looks like some guys can transition to the NFL.” ESPN’s Ron Jaworski added, “Kelly has revolutionized what sports teams are now doing with his training, how they practice, how they eat, getting proper sleep, all those things we talk about. Chip Kelly has come in and done things differently and the impact has been very profound in Philadelphia” (“SportsCenter,” ESPN, 12/30).