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Words To Live By: Quotes Of The Year, Part Two

What’s next, Moscow? Cape Town? It’s ridiculous with this situation. We have too many bowls.
-- ESPN’s Mark May, on the possibility of postseason college football games being played in international locations like Ireland, the Bahamas and Dubai.

We've had to explain to our international audience that the boo is an American sign of respect.
 -- NBA Commissioner David Stern, on the constant reception he received from the Barclays Center crowd during this year’s Draft.

They knock on the same doors. They go to Nike, they do the contract and they sit back. They've been sitting around for 20, 30 years just not doing anything. So me coming is a problem for them because now they have to go to work, now they have to wake up, now they have to do things.
-- Jay Z, on how Roc Nation Sports differs from traditional sports agencies.

I read that the Fox guys think happy days are here again and I’m happy that happy days are here again for them. Sorry they were not happy before because the days at ESPN have been happy for quite some time and this is another happy day for ESPN.
-- ESPN President John Skipper, referencing a promo for FS1 while announcing Keith Olbermann’s new show on ESPN2.

You can’t just fall out of a tree and do the U.S. Open. I guess the money was more important than the performance. No way they can step in and do the job we were doing.
-- NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller, on Fox landing the rights to the U.S. Open and other USGA tournaments beginning in '15.

Hold out for what? How many of them have time to hold out? That clock is ticking on these guys lives.
-- Retired NFLer D'Marco Farr, on why the former players agreed to a concussion settlement.

I love the fact that we're going to go to war with Syria and it's like a little note in the corner.
-- CBS' Doug Gottlieb, on Time magazine putting Johnny Manziel on the cover of its Sept. 16 issue.

This is when you don't want naming rights to a stadium.
-- ESPN's Buster Olney, on the continuing sewage problem at Coliseum.

We were as surprised as everybody. We got a call from our editors telling us that this decision had been made to pull out of the partnership. A lot of it didn't really make much sense to us.
-- ESPN’s Steve Fainaru, on the net’s decision to cut ties with Frontline’s “League of Denial” documentary.

There's not enough guys who have the balls to stand in front of a group of 60 other men to say, 'You know what? You guys are wrong. This has to stop.’
-- CBS analyst and former NFLer Rich Gannon, on hazing and bullying in NFL locker rooms.

My personal opinion, I think Arthur Blank sucked up all the money that the city would have had to do anything to fix the stadium that it needed and there just wasn't anything for them to do so they left the Braves out to dry.
-- Georgia state Rep. Earl Ehrhart, on the new Falcons stadium that will be built in Fulton County, forcing the Braves to look outside downtown Atlanta.

From what we see at the league standpoint, we can pretty much build any night as NFL night."
-- Chiefs President Mark Donovan, on the possibility of making Thursday another night for appointment NFL viewing.