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Volume 24 No. 156

Marketing and Sponsorship

Hyundai VP/Marketing Steve Shannon said that the automaker during Super Bowl XLVIII will run "two 30-second ads that lead creative agency Innocean USA is developing," one of which will "feature three celebrities," according to Andrew McMains of AD WEEK. Shannon declined to identify the stars, but "nonetheless described the ad they will appear in," which will "air in the fourth quarter of the game." Two silver Hyundai Elantras stop alongside each other" as a man "drives one (with a friend in the back), and a woman the other." Some "'nice' banter continues back and forth, with the guy, a bit distracted by the woman, facing progressively more difficult road conditions." Hyundai's other ad "will air during the first quarter and feature the company's luxury Genesis car, which is being relaunched next year, six years after it was introduced." That ad "centers around a father and son and the dad's sixth sense-like ability to catch his son just before he falls or gets into trouble." The company is "mulling several song options for the father-son ad, including a George Harrison version of Bob Dylan's 'If Not For You'" (, 12/12).

OUT WITH THE OLD: USA TODAY's Bruce Horovitz reports at least three "familiar advertising icons from past Super Bowls -- the E-Trade baby, the GoDaddy Girls and Subway's Jared -- will not show up this go-round." But Syracuse Univ. pop culture professor Robert Thompson said that while some viewers "may take note" of these absences, but "they won't necessarily be clamoring for their return." He added, "They're not the Clydesdales," referring to an iconic Budweiser campaign. However, Thompson said that E-Trade "should think very hard before it throws its baby out with the bathwater." The brand's "smarty-aleck, chubby-cheeked baby has been its Super Bowl ticket to fame" since '07. Thompson said, "That baby is really, really associated with E-Trade. I can't imagine them abandoning that entirely" (USA TODAY, 12/13).

STUDIO CITY:'s Anita Busch reported four movie studios to date have bought Super Bowl ad time, which is "not to say they can’t buy ad inventory later on." That is down from Super Bowl XLV in '11, when "there were eight buy-ins at the beginning, and steady from last year when Universal, Disney, Paramount and Summit advertised." Disney this year "bought one 30-second spot and said it has not yet decided which movie to advertise." Paramount bought one 30-second spot and "will use it to debut the first footage" from "Transformers: Age of Extinction." Sony will "use the Super Bowl to advertise its rebooted superhero franchise installment" with "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," while Lionsgate "bought a spot in the Super Bowl pregame show -- but no word on what it will advertise as yet." Warner Bros. "made no buy" (, 12/11). has struck an online marketing partnership with Nissan for the automaker to sponsor a series of native advertising spots on the site entitled "My Super Bowl Moment." The vignettes, combining original video and text, features former Super Bowl heroes David Tyree, Mike Jones and Terrell Davis discussing their on-field exploits. The Nissan-sponsored segments have been directly inserted into the running content feed that represents the foundation of the newly redesigned Such native ad sales have been of great interest across the digital media landscape as they typically garner much higher rates than standard display advertising. The "My Super Bowl Moment" also represents part of's runup to Super Bowl XLVIII in February, which the site will stream live. "The initial response to these items has been quite good. The time spent on them as actually been higher than the average NFL story on our site. We definitely hope to do more of these going forward," said Fox Sports Senior VP/Digital Pete Vlastelica.

La Liga club FC Barcelona on Thursday announced that it has signed a deal with Intel that will see the technology firm place its logo on the inside of the team's jersey (Intel). The deal was brokered by CAA Sports (THE DAILY). FORBES' Mike Ozanian reported the deal is worth $25M. Sources said that Intel "will pay" the club $5M a year over five years and the deal "will make the company the team’s official technology partner." Of "particular strategic importance is that the Intel deal will not cannibalize any of Barcelona’s previously existing sponsorships." Barcelona is "the latest sports team to sign a rich sponsorship deal with a big technology company in recent months" (, 12/11). reported Barcelona players can "decide for themselves whether to reveal the name of the club's new shirt sponsor Intel when celebrating a goal." Under the "new and unusual sponsorship arrangement the company’s logo will be printed on the inside of player's jerseys -- and therefore will only be visible should a player lift his shirt for any reason, leading to some confusion about the thinking behind the deal." The deal comes "into use immediately" starting with Barcelona's game on Saturday versus Villarreal. Intel also is set to "provide technology to Blaugrana senior players, youth-teamers and coaches as part of the arrangement in order to 'improve their research, training and performance via the most up-to-date technologies'" (, 12/12).'s Ray Ratto wrote the deal is the "latest example of full frontal naked greed" (, 12/12).

Pirates CF Andrew McCutchen "can become the kind of crossover star that brings marketing gurus to their knees," according to Gwen Knapp of SPORTS ON EARTH. Suffice it to say "if all the things that defined McCutchen before Wednesday weren't enough to send his Q rating into the stratosphere," his marriage proposal on the syndicated "Ellen" talk show "pushed him over the top." But Knapp asks, "Does he have the stuff to draw people to their TV screens, to grab national endorsements and become a brand unto himself?" MLB has been "looking for such a player since about the time Simon and Garfunkel started asking where Joe DiMaggio had gone." Former MLBer Ken Griffey Jr. "could have been a contender, but he was held back by location and a strike that alienated the public in his prime." Yankees SS Derek Jeter "had the credentials: He is as strong-and-silent cool" as Patriots QB Tom Brady, "and he has more rings." But fame "comes more easily to football players these days, especially the guys behind center." The "Power 100" list of pro athlete endorsers from Bloomberg and Horrow Sports Ventures placed McCutchen in 64th place "at the beginning of this year, before the Pirates soared and before McCutchen became the MVP." McCutchen "should have a shot at the top 20" when the next list is released in January if the Pirates "stay relevant and if he is (mostly) as he appears, if the charming image isn't another of his perfect impersonations." MLB execs "clearly understand the possibilities embodied in McCutchen," as they recently appointed him and Red Sox DH David Ortiz as the exec producers for a new show that will appear on MTV2, "part of the sport's effort to reach the next generation of potential fans" (, 12/13).

Action sports camera company iON is serving as the title sponsor of this weekend's Dew Tour Mountain Championships in Breckenridge, CO., and the event could be "setting the stage for a not so subtle David versus Goliath battle for the top spot" in the category, according to Joe Moylan of the SUMMIT DAILY NEWS. The deal by iON Founder & CEO Giovanni Tomaselli to sponsor the event was an "unanticipated but nonetheless calculated move" in his plan to "unseat GoPro, the formerly unchallenged and reigning champ of the action sports camera market." The iON name this weekend will appear on the "competition bib for every athlete, even on those of well-known GoPro-sponsored athletes." Tomaselli said, "It's great seeing people like Shaun White, who is a GoPro rider, wearing a bib that has our name on it." Moylan noted Tomaselli has "been around long enough to know he can't depend solely on one mainstream event to drive sales." While iON also title sponsored the U.S. Open of Surfing last July and has a deal with Team Lucas Motorsports, Tomaselli is "banking on more advanced technology in the hope of grabbing his fair share of the market." He also has "built a team of action sports athletes to rival those at GoPro," including skiers James Woods and Nick Goepper and snowboarders Kelly Clark and Scotty Lago (SUMMIT DAILY NEWS, 12/12).