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Coyotes' George Gosbee Pleased With Direction Of Team Under IceArizona

The Coyotes are tied for second in the Western Conference standings, and while their performance continues to "grab the most attention," there still is "plenty going on behind the scenes with IceArizona as it settles into its first year as the ownership group of the team," according to a Q&A by Sarah McLellan of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC. Coyotes Exec Chair George Gosbee said, "Everything's working out well." Below are excerpts from the Q&A.

Q: Any surprises?
Gosbee: As far as the business deal and what we’ve been doing, there hasn’t been one negative, which is surprising in a business deal. So knock on wood.

Q: Like the tailgating experience? That’s been a successful idea?
Gosbee: We had six or seven revenue drivers meet or exceeding expectations. I find that rare in anything I’ve ever done.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of so far?
Gosbee: The corporate sponsors have jumped on board and supported us now. I think the whole five-year out has been kind of a non-event now. We signed a long-term food and beverage contact. We’re going to sign a long-term television contract. So I think the community is accepting that was not really an event, that we’re here for the very long term, and that’s done really well. The corporate sponsors and ticket sales are up year-over-year.

Q: What’s been the coolest part of being an NHL owner through these first few months?
Gosbee: Seeing the community involvement. That really surprised me -- the community involvement, the hard-core season-ticket base that we have, the excitement in the community, and it helps that we’re winning, too. The whole thing has been way better than anyone could expect.