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Volume 24 No. 158
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League Notes

Golfer Karen Stupples discussed the transition Lydia Ko faces after turning pro and being granted membership to the LPGA tour. Stupples said, "In many respects it is going to be a fairly comfortable transition for her. The difference will be playing for money, that will be a big difference and in the sponsor obligations she is going to have too." Stupples said LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan "generally wants what is best for these girls that are applying for these petitions." Stupples: "He has their best interests at heart but obviously he wants the best for the Tour as well, and having her out on the tour is what’s best for us" ("Golf Central," Golf Channel, 10/28).

AGENT OF CHANGE? NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Darrell Wallace Jr. on Saturday became the first African-American in 50 years to win a race on NASCAR's national level. He talked about what the win could do for the future of the sport and said, “Hopefully, it changes it for the better. It’s increasing every day, you are starting to see more minorities in the stands, behind the wheel of cars, working at the track, dealing with sponsors, so it’s all changing. That’s the main goal, that’s what the diversity program is for. I’ve come up through the ranks of that and just trying to do the best I can on-track and off-track” ("NASCAR Race Hub," FS1, 10/28). Wallace also appeared on "The Arsenio Hall Show" and said he has been racing for "11 hard-fought years" and he does not "plan on turning back now." Hall: "You are like the Obama of racing, except your web site works better" ("The Arsenio Hall Show," 10/28).

EXPORTING BUSINESS: SI’s Lee Jenkins said there is a "race, clearly, between the NBA and the NFL" to see which league first puts a team in London on a permanent basis. Jenkins noted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said over the weekend he wants a team in London. But Jenkins wondered if there is "enough talent and specifically, quarterback talent, to go around for more NFL expansion." CBS’ Seth Davis said, “It isn’t a question of talent. It’s a question of television dollars and fans and marketing and attendance, and the NFL has done a good job over the years building up a fan base in England. In London, it's on television" (“Rome,” CBSSN, 10/28).
MORE HEALTHY BODIES: CBS' Bill Cowher on Sunday lobbied to have the NFL active roster expanded due to the rash of injuries teams are facing. He said, “It’s time we need to continue to talk about expanding the gameday roster, moving the gameday roster to maybe 50. … The quality of the game is going to suffer, and when an injury happens, there is a trickle-down effect where players are having to play more plays and more injuries can occur. It’s a CBA issue but it is something that has to be addressed” (“The NFL Today,” CBS, 10/27).