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Volume 24 No. 117

People and Pop Culture

MLB Cardinals Chair & CEO BILL DEWITT JR. is profiled by Bernie Miklasz of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, who writes DeWitt is "more of a hardcore baseball man than we realized." Baseball is DeWitt’s "calling, his family legacy, his joy, and the challenge that gives him the most satisfaction." More than "anything his business is baseball." He has become "a lifer, just like his late father." The Cardinals "have qualified for the NLCS for the third consecutive year, and this is their ninth NLCS in DeWitt’s 18 seasons as team owner." The team under DeWitt has "made it to the postseason 11 times." DeWitt has been "the one constant since buying the team" in '96. Cardinals Senior VP & GM JOHN MOZELIAK said, "Bill’s strength is his vision. He’s someone that understands that there’s a short view, but there’s also a long view. He has the ability to separate the two." Miklasz notes in the last calendar year the Cardinals had MLB's "No. 1 ranked farm system and finished tied" with the Red Sox for the most regular-season wins in '13. That is "an impressive, rare combination." DeWitt said of developing players, "You have to keep on it, every year and every day. And make sure that there are new ways of doing things and new ways of getting information that we take advantage of and not just say 'Oh, we’ve got it all figured out.' Because no one in this game never really figures it out" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 10/11).

Ironman & World Triathlon Corp. CEO ANDREW MESSICK has been in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, since last Saturday, but he is hardly enjoying a tropical vacation. Messick is prepping for the 35th annual GoPro Ironman World Championship, which has been held on the Big Island since ’81 and combines the 2.4-mile Waikiki Roughwater Swim, 112 miles of the Around-O’ahu Bike Race and the 26.2-mile Honolulu Marathon into one 140.6 mile journey. The championship race is on Saturday, but there are 15 other events -- including open swims, kids' races, a parade and social and hospitality functions -- that take place in the days leading up. Luckily for Messick, he had a 12-hour-plus flight from Ironman HQs in Tampa, Fla., to rest up and prepare for the most important week on Ironman’s calendar.

FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS: My family is with me. My wife and my son, WILLIAM, are here. My son (participated in) the kids' race (Tuesday) afternoon. He turns six next month. I told him whatever happens, keep going. The most important thing isn’t to win. The most important thing is to try your hardest and to finish. That’s what Ironman teaches everybody and it’s what I hope to teach my son. I’m a three-time Ironman finisher and I finished ten 70.3 half ironman distance races.

EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE: Friday is the final check-in, so our athletes check their bikes, they get everything ready and they all go to sleep about 7:00 at night. Our operational staff goes through their final checks and make sure everything is sorted. Some people sleep a little bit but then we’re all up between 3:30-4:00 on Saturday morning to check in, to help all the athletes do their final preparations, make sure that all the swim safety assets are in place, that the television coverage is in good shape, that our volunteers are organized and then we go straight through until midnight. For us it’s generally a 23-hour day. We’re going full blast until the last finisher comes across the line at midnight on Saturday.

SUPPORT GROUP: We’ll have 6,000 volunteers over the course of the day. We’ve got, I would say in terms of people working the event who aren’t volunteers, we’ve got probably 400. And we go through a couple semis full of Ironman Perform (sports drink); we have 50,000-60,000 pounds of ice, just the sheer logistics of the event are pretty amazing because it is a long, hard, endurance event in hot and windy conditions. So in terms of our investment and our expenditures on the things that are required to make and create a safe race for our athletes it’s pretty big. We hope that all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed by the time the gun goes off at 7:00am on Saturday morning.

AND THEY'RE OFF: The part that I love the most is the swim start and watching the athletes really begin their journey of racing Kona. All of the anticipation gets translated into action when the cannon goes off. I will help the athletes get into the water before the swim starts, then get on a motorcycle and we’ll do a tour of the bike course. So I’ll go out to Havii, which is about 50 miles north of Kailua-Kona, and make sure that all of our eight stations are in good shape, make sure that all of our volunteers, all those assets are appropriately deployed. I’ll get back to Kona in time to spend about an hour or two inside the television compound doing interviews with various countries and their television broadcasts. ... I will then take a group of people out to dinner and will get back to the finish about 8:00 and will be at the finish line welcoming guests until the last finisher comes across at midnight. To be able to welcome those athletes in the last two hours of the race is a great privilege and one of the real highlights of my life in sports.

HITTING PAUSE: Sunday is all about rest, recover and celebrate. Everybody is pretty tired by the time Sunday rolls around. Athletes, volunteers, staff, everybody’s looking forward to an opportunity to sleep in. Then we have our awards banquet, which will take place Sunday night. That’s a giant celebration for all of our athletes. It’s important to recognize how hard it is to just get to this race. It’s extraordinarily competitive. Sunday night we’ll recognize our two professional champions and our 24 age group world champions and the podium -- the top five for men, the top five for women -- of every age group. And me too. Then we have another party on Monday night, which is a party that we throw for the 6,000 volunteers.

Papa John's named Arby's Senior VP/Brand Marketing & Advertising BOB KRAUT Senior VP & CMO, replacing current Zimmerman Advertising President ANDREW VARGA (, 10/10)....The Canucks named STAN SMYL Dir of Player Development. He will continue to serve as Senior Adviser to GM MIKE GILLIS (CP, 10/10)....The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference named Midwest Conference Exec Dir CHRIS GRAHAM Commissioner, the sixth in the 104-year history of the RMAC (Colorado Springs GAZETTE, 10/11)....USA Hockey named Penguins Pro Scout DON WADDELL Int'l Consultant with a focus on player identification and interface with the U.S. National Junior Team and USA Hockey's National Team Development Program. He will maintain his position with the Penguins (USA Hockey).

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In N.Y., Claire Atkinson cites SEC regulatory filings as showing that WWE Exec VP/Creative STEPHANIE MCMAHON since the spring has "sold 833,000 shares of WWE stock." The sales, carried out "over 43 separate transactions, have netted" McMahon about $8.3M. Filings show that the sales were "so aggressive" that McMahon had to "convert nearly 1.3 million shares -- or about one third of her own stake -- of McMahon family super-voting B shares into A shares to raise the cash." The McMahon family even after the sell-off "still firmly controls the Stamford, Conn., company" as Chair & CEO VINCE MCMAHON owns 87% of the 10-votes-per-share B class (N.Y. POST, 10/11).

LESSONS LEARNED: Spreecast CEO JEFF FLUHR is featured in Friday's edition of the N.Y. TIMES' Corner Office. Asked what lessons he took away from running StubHub for seven years before selling it to eBay, Fluhr said, "It was the first time I had an operating role. It was definitely a jump-in-the-deep-end experience. In retrospect, the way we recruited the first handful of people had a lot of positives, but there are probably multiple schools of thought on this. I basically brought in a number of friends -- people I knew from college or high school, and others with one degree of separation from those people" (N.Y. TIMES, 10/11).

NAMES: Patriots Owner ROBERT KRAFT on Tuesday pledged up to $500,000 to the Progeria Research Foundation and a clinical trial that could lead to a treatment for the rare and fatal disease (PRF)....Former Canadian Olympic cyclist CURT HARNETT on Thursday was named chef de mission for Canada’s team in the ’15 Pan Am Games (CP, 10/10)....Sports memorabilia auction house owner WILLIAM MASTRO, who is "accused of secretly altering a rare HONUS WAGNER baseball card to boost its value and the reputation of his business, pleaded guilty to mail fraud." Mastro faces a "maximum penalty of five years imprisonment" (BLOOMBERG NEWS, 10/10)....Rays 3B EVAN LONGORIA in September paid $1.5M in cash for a home in the Venetian Isles neighborhood of St. Petersburg (, 10/10).