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What's The Deal With This Game? Seinfeld Chips In On SNY's Giants-Mets Broadcast

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld spent last night as part of the Mets broadcast team for SportsNet N.Y., appearing both on the pregame show and in the booth for the duration of the team's game against the Giants. SNY's Chris Carlin before the game noted Seinfeld was the "most well-known Met fan in the world." Seinfeld said of outfielders crashing into the outfield walls, "Why are these walls not made to handle these guys throwing themselves into it since that's what they're doing? We don't have pole vaulters landing on high-pile carpeting. The guy's going to hit this thing. Let's pad it. ... Are we not investing enough in these guys to make it worth it?" Seinfeld said he really is "curious" about the game of baseball because "that's my job." SNY's Bob Ojeda said, "You're good at it." Seinfeld said baseball "absorbs me completely" and noted the MLBAM At-Bat app has "changed the fan's experience" ("Mets First Pitch," SNY, 9/17). The following are highlights of Seinfeld's time in the broadcast booth with SNY's Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling:

* Seinfeld said of sitting in the broadcast booth, "This is one of the most exciting moments of my life. If only that were true." He said Cohen, Hernandez and Darling are "all going to be in the Hall of Fame as broadcasters. Not as players, Keith." Hernandez: "That's alright, I can live with that." Seinfeld: "So can I."

* It has been 20 years since Hernandez appeared in an episode of "Seinfeld," and Hernandez said when his agent asked if he wanted to appear on "Seinfeld" as himself, "I go, 'What's that?'" Seinfeld: "And they told me we could get Keith Hernandez. I said, 'Who's that?'"

* Seinfeld said he watches baseball games "every night" and then said to Hernandez, "Unlike you, who's in it for the money and the fame and the glory, I love baseball. This is baseball and this is my team. I'll sit there, it's 5-0, I know we're not going to win. I don't care."

* He said of a report Mets P Matt Harvey is being treated by Dr. James Andrews, "I want to know why these doctors are getting billing now? Who the hell is this guy? He's a big star now, Dr. Andrews. Why do I have to hear about him? Do we get free treatment out of this guy for all these plugs?"

* Seinfeld asked, "What do you guys think of all the sponsoring of (everything)? Every time someone kicks the dirt, it's a 'Geico Dirt-Kick Moment.' I like it, all the nonsense. I like to see ads everywhere."

* The topic came up of whether the Mets should sign Giants P Tim Lincecum once he becomes a free agent in the offseason. Seinfield said, "He didn’t have a great year. He did throw a no-hitter and he is a cool guy. Since we're down one cool guy with Harvey, I would say Lincecum would be an excellent cool guy upgrade."

* In a moment of reflection, Seinfeld said of Cohen, Hernandez and Darling, "You guys give us Mets fans a fantastic show every night, learning about the game and calling the game in an interesting way. As Mets fans, we're very proud of it" ("Giants-Mets," SNY, 9/17).