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Weekend Plans With Fox' Ed Delaney: Family Time in L.A. Before Flying To MLB ASG

Fox Sports Exec VP/Operations ED DELANEY has not had much downtime since moving from N.Y. to L.A. for his new position just a few weeks ago. Next week he will continue the hectic schedule, heading back east for the MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field. But the Philadelphia native and longtime YES Network exec always tries to find time for his six children (yes, six!), and this weekend is no different.

: I’ll have some time at home on Saturday and Sunday before heading out to the All-Star Game in N.Y. The typical weekend for me is all about the six kids. We’re always doing something -- boating, water sports, swimming, anything outdoors is kind of our thing. … With the kids, there are always parties and things to go to. My wife tells me where to go and points me in that direction, and I just say yes.

WEEKEND WARRIOR: I think I’m actually pretty boring -- I might catch up on “GAME OF THRONES” or something like that. I’m into music, so I always have something playing around the house. My wife bought me a lawn mower, but that lasted for about a month and I said enough with that. You would think an operations guy would be really handy, but I’m not. She’s better with a hammer and nails than I am. I also do a lot of catching up with my reading on the weekends. I might be reading three days worth on the weekend. I’m a junkie for the industry. … Pretty much anything in the industry. On the technology side, too. I wish I spent more time reading novels, but I find myself reading a lot of trades. The last book I read was "KILLING KENNEDY" -- it was very good -- I was surprised.

: I haven’t found a place out here in L.A. to eat yet just because we’ve been so busy getting ready for the launch of Fox Sports 1 in August. But in N.Y., we like to go to a lot of nice restaurants in town -- Harvest on Hudson is one. There are a lot of good restaurants right around the river.

: We like being out of the house on weekends, a lot of times near a beach. For July 4th, we were down at my parents’ house down on the Jersey Shore near Atlantic City. It’s a big, old house that’s on the bay. It’s a meeting place for all the kids, cousins and everyone. It’s wonderful. That’s why we think we’re going to love California. I think the kids are going to love it here. We’re moving to Manhattan Beach, which is perfect because we’re big beach people.

: Since I got out here I haven’t been very good about working out, but when I get back in a routine, I’m sure I’ll get back in there. Before I was working out about four days of the week, especially on the weekend. I’ll spend at least an hour in there each day on the weekend.

: I’m a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan -- one of my proudest achievements is raising my kids as Eagles fans in N.Y. So I rarely miss a game on Sundays. I’ve had NFL Sunday Ticket since it came out. It’s funny. What they found out was that people weren’t buying Sunday Ticket for the tonnage of games -- they were buying it so they could watch one specific team -- and that was certainly the case with me.

: I just went through literally every mobile unit contract that Fox has on a flight back from N.Y. To me it’s great to get five to six solid hours of good work done on a plane. But if I have time, I’ll read some newspapers -- the Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times and N.Y. Post every day.