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Weekend Plans With Reebok-CCM's Philippe Dube: Holiday In New York

PHILIPPE DUBE enjoys a change of scenery, as evidenced by he and his family living at times in Japan, France and San Diego. The Fontenay-Le-Comte, France, native now finds himself for the past three years in Montreal as Reebok-CCM Hockey President & CEO. But he and his wife this weekend will travel to New York for a little getaway for the Canadian Victoria Day holiday.

GOTHAM CITY GREATS: We’re going to be in New York this weekend. It’s a long weekend, it’s been a while since I’ve been in New York, so I’m going to spend the weekend with my wife doing some sightseeing, visit some museums and tour the city. I have a business-related meeting on Friday in New York. We booked a hotel just next to the United Nations. My wife has selected a few good restaurants to go to and usually I don’t really manage that. I trust my wife, and usually whatever she chooses is the right choice. Especially for restaurants, but I could (have a) say for everything else. My wife is still hesitating on some plays; Mamma Mia is something that she is talking about. She would rather see Mamma Mia than Lion King. I’m not supposed to talk about shopping because when crossing the border back to Canada, you’re not supposed to (laughs). Shopping is something that my wife and I, we enjoy.

: Breakfast is the most important meal to us. We can go crazy with any kind of food for lunch and dinner, but breakfast for some reason we are extremely, extremely traditional. So it’s toasted bread with butter and jam, and coffee or tea and that’s it. I can’t eat sausages or omelets and neither (can) my wife. In the morning I can’t stand the greasy food smell. A bowl a fruit is good, too.

NOSE IN A BOOK: I usually read either history books or some novels. I try to stay away from the business-related books over the weekend because usually I find them extremely boring. For me a book is like a movie, it’s a way to escape from the crazy, day-to-day life. It’s good for my brain to think of something else once in a while. I read all the JOHN GRISHAM books and MICHAEL CRICHTON. I was really, really sad when he passed away a few years ago because I read all his books and really, really liked it.

THE HIGH LIFE: Spring and summer are really nice in Montreal. The city is a very nice city to live, let’s say at this time of my life. We are in Montreal and our daughter is in France and our son is in Barcelona. Living in Montreal as a couple without the constraints of young kids, it’s absolutely fantastic. So much social events. Culturally it’s really, really great. My wife is volunteering at the orchestra in Montreal, so we (have) some opportunities to go quite often.

LINKED UP: Usually on a weekend at home I golf with my wife, which I do on a regular basis with some friends. The course we like reminds me of the south of France. It’s called San-Raphael, on a small island called Île Bizard, so Bizarre Island. It’s next to the main island of Montreal. We just play for fun. And to tell you the truth, very often we play 14 and not 18. That very often is quite enough for us. And we always play in the afternoon because my wife doesn’t want to play early in the morning and neither do I also on the weekends.

FIFTY SHADES OF BLUE: When you go in my drawer, you see about five feet of light-blue shirts. I’m not very fancy in changing colors besides, you know, in light blue and black and grey and white. I’m sorry. I’m not very originally with the colors I wear usually, but I don’t think it would surprise anybody who knows me. They see me every day and they see that the colors are not changing too much. I’m sorry, maybe I’m a bit boring for that but I like to feel good in my clothes. Each time I usually try something fancy because my wife said, “Ah, you look good with that.” Usually the shirt, the pants or the jacket stays in the drawer. I like to feel good. Usually I have a bad day when I leave home and I don’t feel good in my clothes. ...  As soon as I arrive at home I remove it and put jogging pants and a T-shirt and whew.