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Volume 24 No. 156


Olympic boxing “finally will go pro at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro as the international federation changed its eligibility rules to stem the exodus of talented fighters cashing in before they ever get to fight for a gold medal,” according to John Powers of the BOSTON GLOBE. The Int'l Boxing Association, which has “told its national governing bodies to drop the word ‘amateur,’ will begin its own professional circuit this fall.” The federation also “will allow current pros with fewer than 15 bouts to compete in the Olympics as long as they join the circuit two years before qualifying begins, stay at least two years after the Games, and don’t compete for another organization.” The changes, “pushed" AIBA President Wu Ching-Kuo, "should benefit the Americans, who’ll be able to put money into the pockets of promising teenagers who otherwise would be persuaded to turn pro by promoters, agents, and trainers.” The “new era should help a rebuilding effort that already is underway” with USA Boxing (BOSTON GLOBE, 4/2).