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Volume 24 No. 156

Reader Survey

The eighth annual SportsBusiness Daily/SportsBusiness Journal Reader Survey is in the books, and nearly 1,300 voters weighed in on more than 100 questions that spanned all facets of the industry. Readers saw concussions as the biggest threat to the NFL, but they also believe fighting should not be banned by the NHL. Meanwhile, the Yankees easily were identified as the team with the best uniforms and logos. Voting was conducted over three weeks starting Oct. 8, with polling via and Only the top vote-getters are listed, and the results have been rounded. Our thanks here to Turnkey Sports & Entertainment, which again this year provided the technical and surveying support to make this effort possible. Of course, we also thank you. Whether you’re a first-time voter or an eight-time voter, these are your results, which you will see in THE DAILY over the next five days. Today, we present data on the general state of the industry and sponsorships.

Outlook for the sports business over the next five years

Very optimistic 47%
Somewhat optimistic 43%
Neither optimistic nor pessimistic 7%
Somewhat pessimistic 3%
Very pessimistic 0%

Responses 1,304

Most powerful brand in sports

ESPN 33%
Nike 33%
N.Y. Yankees 16%

Responses 1,299

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Most marketable athlete

Peyton Manning 18%
LeBron James 15%
Tom Brady 12%
Robert Giffin III 10%
Derek Jeter 10%

Responses 1,277

Most influential person in sports business

Roger Goodell 40%
John Skipper 16%
Bud Selig 6%
Tim Leiweke 5%
David Stern 5%

Responses 1,292

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Biggest threat to sports

Rising ticket prices 27%
Improvements to the in-home viewing experience hurting attendance 24%
Inflated athlete salaries 14%
Integrity of the game 12%

Responses 1,297

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Biggest sports business story of the year

London Olympics 22%
NCAA hits Penn State with severe penalties in the Jerry Sandusky case 18%
Los Angeles Dodgers sold for $2.15 billion to Guggenheim Baseball Management 14%
College football agrees to a playoff 12%

Responses 1,298

Most OVERPRICED major sports property

NFL 29%
MLB 10%

Responses 613

Most UNDERPRICED major sports property

MLS 17%
NHL 15%
UFC 7%
No opinion 18%

Responses 613

MOST VALUABLE property assets in a typical sports sponsorship package

Exclusivity 44%
Intellectual property (team/league marks, etc.) 40%
Branded content 23%
Hospitality/tickets 19%
Athlete rights and appearances 17%
Advertising inventory 17%
Rights to property's business in the category 12%
Signage 9%

Note: Readers could make two selections.
Responses 622

LEAST VALUABLE property assets in a typical sports sponsorship package

Signage 30%
Hospitality/tickets 29%
Athlete rights and appearances 25%
Rights to property's business in the category 22%
Branded content 17%
Advertising inventory 16%
Exclusivity 13%
Intellectual property (team/league marks, etc.) 10%

Note: Readers could make two selections.
Responses 612

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Corporate sponsor you would most want aligned with your property

Nike 39%
Apple 26%
Coca-Cola 22%
Anheuser-Busch 19%
American Express 12%
Visa 12%

Note: Readers could make up to three selections.
Responses 618

Property a corporate sponsor would most want to identify with

NFL 53%
MLB 9%
PGA Tour 8%

Responses 624

Don Muret / Staff

Compared to before the recession, how important is hospitality/tickets in a sponsorship package?

More important 34%
Less important 25%
About the same 35%
No opinion 6%

Responses 619