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Volume 24 No. 114

Labor and Agents

The trial to determine whether CAA Sports agent Aaron Mintz was damaged by his former employers, Priority Sports & Entertainment, resumed in L.A. today at 9:00am PT after a federal judge ordered Mintz' attorneys to produce more than 3,000 e-mails from Mintz' private account. Federal Court Judge Stephen Wilson also ordered attorneys for PS&E to produce today profit and loss statements and a balance sheet showing the financial state of the sports agency, which represents multiple NBA and NFL players. A six-person jury heard Mintz testify yesterday that he suffered from headaches and was prescribed the anti-anxiety medication Xanax after he found out PS&E employees hacked into his private Gmail account on March 25. PS&E attorney Paul Salvaty told the jury: "Priority Sports didn’t do it out of malicious intent. They did it for business purposes." Salvaty said that the intrusion into Mintz’s Gmail account was minimal and Mintz was not harmed by it. Salvaty asked the jury not to award any damages. Mintz was being cross-examined by PS&E attorney Jill Basinger about the personal nature of the e-mails that Priority had access to when Wilson halted the trial. Out of the presence of the jury, Wilson said that PS&E needed to have access to all of the messages in Mintz' e-mail account to determine whether they were personal or not and whether or not he had been harmed.