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Volume 24 No. 112

Labor and Agents

Wasserman Media Group has settled a multimillion-dollar claim brought against it by former client and free agent P Francisco Rodriguez, and has terminated Paul Kinzer, the MLB player agent who failed to file a no-trade list that would have prevented Rodriguez from being traded from the Mets to the Brewers in July '11. WMG outside counsel Bert Deixler in a statement to SBJ/SBD last night said, “Paul Kinzer was terminated for cause on October 5, 2012. WMG policy and a concern for Mr. Kinzer’s dignity make it appropriate to not comment further." Kinzer, reached by phone Tuesday night, said, "I really can't comment." Rodriguez filed for confidential arbitration with the MLBPA earlier this year and was seeking damages in excess of $5.5M against WMG and Kinzer over the trade. The Brewers were on a list of 10 clubs to which Rodriguez could not be traded. Rodriguez gave the list to Kinzer, but Kinzer never filed it with the Mets. Rodriguez fired WMG and Kinzer and hired agent Scott Boras just prior to the trade. WMG quietly resolved the matter recently by paying a settlement to Rodriguez. A source told SBJ/SBD that the amount was in excess of $2M. The settlement is confidential and that amount could not be confirmed. WMG would not comment beyond the statement it issued about Kinzer’s firing. Rodriguez' attorney Rick Johnson declined comment. MLBPA Exec Dir Michael Weiner in an e-mail said, “I can confirm that the matter has been resolved." Weiner declined further comment. Rodriguez, who played for the Brewers last season, will become a free agent at 12:01am ET Saturday.