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What's Up For The Weekend With USOC CEO Scott Blackmun

Sitting at the helm of the USOC is no easy task. Like many exec positions, it demands a heavy dose of travel to all parts of the globe and quickly makes any person holding the position a frequent flyer. This coming weekend is no exception for SCOTT BLACKMUN, who will look to squeeze in a few activities at home in between business on opposite sides of the country. Blackmun plans to arrive at home in Colorado Springs Friday night from a trip to the Big Apple. After some time at home, he will head out again on Sunday to Nevada for a charity event. The whirlwind weekend involves some quality family time grubbing on pesto pizza, teeing it up with friends and some fabulous California wine.

WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND: I get back late Friday night from a fundraising trip to New York. My son and I are going to go watch “Taken 2.” He’s 17 and the only reason he’s going to the movies with me is he’s grounded this weekend. So I got a little bonus from this grounding. I figured that would be a good way to spend some time because my wife is going to the theater with one of her friends, so we thought we would do a boys thing. I’m a popcorn-with-a-tiny-bit-of-butter-and-big-bottle-of-water kind of guy. Friday is also pizza night for us. My wife makes great pesto pizza. My wife makes the dough, makes the pizza. It’s usually the one thing that keeps the kids from going out early. It’s a pizza tradition.

HITTING THE LINKS: Saturday morning is usually for golf with my friends. I play at the Broadmoor Golf Club, which is where JACK NICKLAUS won his first national championship. We’ve got a group of about 12 guys and usually there’s four of us in town at the same time any one weekend. So it works out perfectly. It’s guys I’ve been playing with for about five or six years. Just spirited competition. Of course no money changes hands because that wouldn’t be right.

ROUND’EM UP! My wife and I moved about six months ago, so we’re also going to go try to find a painting or two this weekend. The special thing we are doing Saturday is to drive over to Aspen to see our friends the YODERS and drop some money at their world-famous western store, Kemo Sabe Ranch. Then I’ll probably explore a good bottle of cabernet from Napa Valley Saturday night.

READING RAINBOW: I get up very, very early. I go have a coffee -- usually by myself -- sometime between 5:00am and 6:00am. I like to read a couple of papers in the beginning of the day. I love to read the N.Y. Times and I love to read our local paper. I’m already reading it every day, but Sunday is a day that I love to dive into the Sunday Times for a couple hours. I’ll put my feet up and wait a couple hours ‘til the rest of the family gets up. I honestly wish I could sleep later. I also have a couple of books going now. One is “Running For My Life,” by LOPEZ LOMONG, who was our flag bearer in Beijing. And I’ve got a book I’m reading now about charitable giving in the U.S. called “Charity Case,” by DAN PALLOTTA. I’m on track to finish both of those books this weekend.

UP IN THE AIR: Sunday I actually get to go to Mesquite, Nevada, to play golf in a donor event at The Oasis, which should be a lot of fun. My catch-up time for watching TV is actually airplanes. So I love “Sons of Anarchy” and “Homeland.” I usually have four or five episodes taped and on my iPad for the trip home when I’m traveling at night.