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What's Up For The Weekend With NFL VP/Business Development Renie Anderson

Do not let NFL VP/Business Development RENIE ANDERSON fool you. She may sell sponsorships for the league during the week in N.Y. sporting a suit and professional grin. But on weekends, she is rocking her gym clothes (just in case there is time for the gym) and may even don a tiara out on the town with her two daughters. This weekend, Anderson is flying solo while her husband, NBC Sports VP/Communications CHRIS MCCLOSKEY, is on Ryder Cup duty. So Anderson, along with her daughters CALLIE and KATE, will rule the roost at their home in Darien, Conn.

FRIDAY NIGHT BITES: Friday night I will go home, then pick up Callie up at soccer practice, which is as interesting as you can imagine for a five-year-old's soccer practice. I’ll take them out to eat at our favorite local pizza place -- Post Corner Pizza. Then we’ll go get ice cream at Gofer Ice Cream. I ask for a small scoop, but they give them the size of an ice cream cone that an elephant would eat. I mean it’s gigantic, it’s a HUGE scoop. My three-year-old will have it all over her face within five seconds. She always gets chocolate. My five-year-old will always get a fun color like cotton candy or black raspberry. Then we go home and have a dance party.

SHAKE WHAT YOUR MOMMA GAVE YA: We have our iTouch with a mix list of songs that the girls like that they sing to and dance to and do gymnastics to. So it’s pretty much “Call Me Maybe,” TAYLOR SWIFT's “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Payphone” by MAROON 5. And then my youngest daughter likes rock n’ roll, she likes ACDC. I can walk on my hands for a pretty good amount of time, so I do that. It’s not necessarily a dance move. We like to do a lot of twirling, zumba dancing, leg kicks. If it’s a rock song we’ll bang our heads and do air guitar. It’s complete chaos.

JUST IN CASE: Saturday morning I get up and I put on my gym clothes. I don’t have a specific plan to go to the gym, but I’m always dressed just in case I get to work out. It’s 100% true. I get up, I put my gym clothes on, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go to the gym or go for a run, but at least one thing is done: I’m dressed … just in case. We do a mix of activities with the girls and chores around the house.

GAME TIME: They both have t-ball practice. There’s a new area called the Chelsea Piers in Stamford. They take a one-hour t-ball class which is hilarious where they learn to play baseball. Last week the coach said to my three-year-old, “Kate, don’t lay down on second base.” Then my older daughter Callie later in the day has a soccer game, which is even more hilarious. She’s on the Blue Jays, they actually play a game for an hour. The first game she did 15 cartwheels in the game. She did not score, she was exhausted from all the gymnastics from in the game.

FALL FESTIVITIES: We’re planning this Saturday on going to a pumpkin patch. I’ll go with them and they can pick out a couple pumpkins they can paint on and I will do the carving of scary faces. I am not a master carver, I would say I’m an amateur carver that’s really good with a Sharpie marker. I have a mean apple pie recipe that’s my mom’s recipe and we’ll make chili.

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Sunday morning we go to church and the girls go to Sunday school. We do get donuts every Sunday at a place called Darien Doughnut. Then we watch NFL football pretty much all day and while we’re watching we’ll play outside, clean the house. I’m notorious for -- I will repaint a room in a drop’s notice. So if the girls are watching a movie and I have paint in my basement, I’ll repaint the dining room without planning it an hour beforehand. I have a piece of furniture that I got at a local tag sale that I need to refinish and paint. So I’ll probably do that on Sunday. It’s like a dresser, nothing fancy that I more or less got for a dollar. We’ll play outside, we’ll go see neighbors. If I have to get a babysitter for five minutes, maybe I’ll go for a run. The good news is I’ll be dressed for it ‘cause I’ll be in my gym clothes.