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What's Up For The Weekend With Competitor Group VP/Advertising Lucy Diaz

Competitor Group VP/Advertising LUCY DIAZ usually spends her weekends racing around, literally, at one of the company’s 75 Rock-And-Roll Series marathons, half marathons or triathlons country-wide. But this weekend, she will be enjoying the last bit of San Diego sun at her home near Mission Bay. Diaz can give you a run for your money on her early bedtimes, turning in early to get a jumpstart on her days with her husband and two-year-old daughter BELLA. This weekend is filled with playgrounds, gastro-pubs and -- you guessed it -- some running.

UP AND AT 'EM: I have a two-year-old daughter, so a lot of what we have going on revolves around her activities. But really it’s about this time of the year -- well, really, anytime of the year in San Diego -- it’s about being outside and enjoying the weather and being active. I get up really early, I always have. I’m just an early riser. So it’s sad to admit, but 11 o’clock (at night) is pushing it for me to get to bed. I like to get to bed early so we can make the most of the day. Not that we have the luxury anymore of sleeping in.

ON A MISSION: This Friday when I get off of work it will probably involve a run along Mission Bay. We live about a mile from Mission Bay and it has a running trail that goes all along the route there. So I’ll head out there for maybe a three or five-mile run with my husband and my daughter. And then there’s a little local gastro-pub in our neighborhood that we’ll probably hit afterward to have some food. Of course I’ll be home before nine o’clock. There’s a new gastro-pub that just opened that we went to last weekend that we’re going to go to again, it’s call Luce.

PLAYGROUND HOPPING: My daughter during the run is in her stroller and she is up and alert. Actually how we get her to sit still for our run is we run out and there’s a couple playgrounds along the route that we do, so we’ll run out to a playground. We’ll stop, let her run around for a bit and then we’ll come back. So it’s a little bit of a barter, negotiation with our daughter to get her to come out. She’s usually singing or her favorite thing to do is to tell me to run faster. We end on a hill that goes up to our house. She’s like, “Mommy, you should be running not walking.” So I get called out by my two year old frequently.

RUBBER DUCKY: My husband and I both run pretty avidly and we’ve taken up some standup paddle boarding. I think we’re going to go on Saturday. And our daughter sits on the top of the board. It’s kind of a funny visual, but she enjoys it. We do like to sail. My husband is getting into sailing. I grew up outside of Boston in a very kind of water-centric area. I grew up sailing with my family and we haven’t done it too much out here. But we started this summer really getting into it.

DATE NIGHT: My husband and I are going to go out for dinner. We got a babysitter and we make sure we get some adult time. I think we’ll probably go out to get dinner and some drinks. We try to do date night or getting together with friends on a pretty consistent basis. I tried to make reservations at this new place in Mission Hills called Brooklyn Girl, which I think has been around for about a year now but I haven’t tried it. San Diego has some cool little pockets, different neighborhoods that have these little eclectic eateries, so if we don’t end up there we’ll probably go to North Park.

A DAY OF REST: Sunday we’re thinking about going to the beach. We have a bit of a hot spell. We’ll go to the beach, build sand castles, body surfing, bring a picnic and get together with some friends. I read a ton of magazines, a lot of just looking at what our competitors are doing and what people in our space are doing from an advertising standpoint and also read our own magazine so I’m aware and in tune with what’s happening in the industry that we work in. So I definitely spend a lot of time and that’s what the beach is for. And those early nights I usually end up with a magazine on the couch with a glass of wine.