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NFL Franchise Notes: Haslam To Remake Browns In Steelers' Image

In Pittsburgh, John Harris notes prospective Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam III “plans on turning his investment into Steelers Midwest.” Haslam, a Steelers minority owner the past four years, will “remake the Browns in his -- and the Steelers’ -- image.” Haslam said, “They do things the right way. They have the Steeler Way of doing things. I think now we will have the Browns way of doing things.” Harris writes in “some ways, Haslam comes across like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, but minus the massive ego.” He is “upfront and gregarious and doesn’t mind sharing his thoughts with the media and fans.” Cleveland reporters “will love him after dealing with the reclusive” current Browns Owner Randy Lerner (PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW, 8/7).

BUC THE TREND? In Tampa, Stephen Holder noted Bucs co-Chair Bryan Glazer is “encouraged by the recent activity in his team's ticket office.” But he said home games are "not a slam dunk" to be televised locally, despite the club lowering the threshold to lift blackouts. Glazer on Saturday said, "We want to give our fans every opportunity to see as many games as they can this year. But I cannot … predict how many there will be. We're hopeful there will be more games on television than last year" (TAMPA BAY TIMES, 8/5).

COME ON DOWN: In DC, Dan Steinberg noted Redskins Owner Dan Snyder hopes to improve “the in-game fan experience to keep people from wanting to watch NFL games at home.” Snyder said, “We happen to have the largest tailgate system in the National Football League, and we’re real proud of it.” He added, “We’re putting in ribbon boards this year. Last year we put in this giant new scoreboards and video boards. And I think you’ve got to continually make sure that the fan experience is at the highest level, and is something they can’t get at home” (, 8/6).

JUSTIN TIME: In Jacksonville, Gene Frenette noted Jaguars first-round draft pick Justin Blackmon and his agent, Todd France, were “in a tough situation trying to resist the Jaguars' efforts to put protection language in his contract as a result of his aggravated DUI arrest in June.” Blackmon yesterday agreed to a four-year, $18.5 million contract. The negotiations turned out to be “about balancing the money the Jaguars were willing to give Blackmon in non-refundable signing bonus, versus how much he was willing to take in a deferred roster bonus.” They finally settled on “giving Blackmon 60 percent in signing bonus for his No. 5 draft slot.” Providing Blackmon “stays clean in the future, he will get all $18.5 million.” Frenette wrote Blackmon "should consider himself lucky that the Jaguars, who didn't take as hard-line a stance as many thought they would, gave him as much money up front as they did” (, 8/6).