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Volume 24 No. 156

People and Pop Culture

TaylorMade-adidas Golf President & CEO MARK KING "decided to alter his world" when he taped his appearance on CBS' "UNDERCOVER BOSS," according to GOLFWEEK's Forecaddie. King "shaved his head, grew a beard, put on a fake tattoo, and wore glasses, earrings -- and even sported fake teeth" during the episode, which will air April 6. King's assignment for the show included working as "a quality-control auditor at a golf ball plant in Westminster, S.C., and as a golf assembler at TaylorMade headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif." King said, "After hearing that this wasn't a joke and after being re-assured that there actually was a disguise that would allow me to go undercover, I realized that this was a tremendous opportunity to re-engage our employees" (GOLFWEEK, 3/30 issue). King said his initial reaction to the assignment was it would be "a distraction." King: "The more we thought about how cool the experience would be, how much exposure we would get for the company and how people could see what TaylorMade-adidas is about, it became interesting." GOLF WORLD's E. Michael Johnson notes what is "also gratifying is the effect King's upcoming appearance has had on company morale." King said, "There's a real energy inside the company because of it" (GOLF WORLD, 4/2 issue).

HANK HANEY Tuesday released "THE BIG MISS," which chronicles his six years serving as TIGER WOODS' swing coach, and if Haney is “guilty of anything” in the book, it is “holding back" during his time with Woods, according to Rex Hoggard of Haney said that the book would “offer a snapshot of his time with Woods and would not be a tell-all.” By and large he “followed the letter of that charter.” The book offers an “interesting, if not sometimes wonky and one-sided, glimpse into a complicated relationship and a man thrust into a difficult situation.”'s John Hawkins noted Haney details the “extraordinary levels of turbulence and uncertainty that made dealing with Woods such a chore.” Those who question Haney’s motivation for writing the book would “do well to read it before rushing to judgment or offering presumptuous opinions on Haney’s integrity.” Hawkins found the “behind-the-curtain peek quite interesting, notably the chaos so prevalent in Tiger’s world, much of it due to fame and injury, and the eggshells everyone seemed to walk on when things weren’t going well” (, 3/27). GOLFWEEK’s Bradley Klein notes there is a “level of insight into Woods throughout this book that is rare and much overdue.” Haney could have “come across as whiny or as a diva who was trying to get back at Woods.” He instead “offers an incredibly thoughtful and respectful analysis, and a devastating portrayal of a celebrated athlete whose public glories masked a day-to-day existence of profound superficiality” (GOLFWEEK, 3/30 issue). In West Palm Beach, Greg Stoda noted the book “does offer a penetrating and insightful study of what makes Woods who he is both as a great athlete and a conflicted human being.” It is an “entertaining read, and a revealing look at a complex superstar.” The technical aspects of what and how Haney taught Woods “will appeal to the swing-nuts.” And the behind-the-scenes prep work and anecdotes “are more than a little interesting.” At its “core is the coach-player relationship, which is fascinating on many levels” (PALM BEACH POST, 3/28).

REVIEWS: In Charlotte, Ron Green Jr. wondered, “Did Haney go too far?” It is “surprising how much Haney shared.” It will “help book sales but it feels like he’s telling stories Woods never imagined would be told publicly.” Haney in the book "tells his side of the story, and it’s an enlightening story." But it is "also Tiger’s story, undoubtedly and understandably more of it than he wanted told" (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 3/25). The GUARDIAN’s Lawrence Donegan wrote there is “no doubt he set out to write a book purely about golf.” Now that it has been published “perhaps he still genuinely believes it is a book purely about golf.” Donegan: “Unfortunately for him, he forgot to tell the publishers. ... The juiciest morsels were all ‘leaked’ in advance.” He wrote the “best that can be said about these ‘revelations’ is that there are not many of them.” The “worst is that they constitute an unforgivable betrayal” (, 3/29).’s Steve Elling wrote “The Big Miss” is “the most anticipated book in golf history." After reading the entire book last week in one sitting, and "despite a few personal reservations about the disclosure of some delicate inside information, it was obvious that tell-almost-all tome will be zooming straight to the top of the book charts.” Elling noted after he showed up at the PGA Tour Arnold Palmer Invitational last week with an advanced copy, “three different reporters with other media outlets borrowed it on consecutive days and also tore through it before dumping it back on my desk the next morning” (, 3/27).

Arent Fox Partner RICHARD BRAND likes to joke that he typically never gets to thoroughly enjoy his weekends because he is sitting by his laptop drafting agreements. “I usually find out my weekend work schedule at about 7:09 Friday evening.” But he enters this weekend with high hopes of relishing family time at his Bethesda, Md., home.

HAVING A BALL: Friday night I’m going to go to the Wizards game. I’ve represented those guys for many years and my 17-year-old son is a Wizards ball boy. So I go to all the games with my wife and we usually go to the game and the ball boys have to stay after usually one to two hours. So usually I go to the Wizards game with my wife, watch my son do whatever it is he does. I also watch the game a little bit too. Afterwards we go to dinner, wait for him to be finished and take him home. By the way, I would love, love to get a job throwing strong passes to the players and all that other stuff. I’ve asked the client, but they just don’t want a 52-year-old ball boy (laughing). ... The good news is we see all the restaurants around the Verizon Center. The bad news is I probably spend more cash at these restaurants than my son could ever hope to make being a ball boy, but it’s all good.

ROCK & ROLL: Saturday morning I go to the gym. I work out for usually two to three hours. I run half marathons and I’m thinking about a full marathon. I just finished the Rock & Roll half marathon and my daughter is studying in Madrid, so my wife and I are going out there. And it just so happens that on that Sunday they have the Rock & Roll the first time ever in Madrid, so I’m going to run that one as well. Great way to see Madrid, I’m really excited about that.

GOT A HUNCH FOR BRUNCH? We always have a family brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, which would be my wife and my kids minus the one in Madrid. Whenever I get back from the gym, usually 11 or 12 o’clock, we usually have a pretty nice-sized brunch. We don’t have the breakfast thing or a lunch thing, we just the brunch thing.

EXCUSE MR. SPEAKER: This Saturday I’m speaking at the SEME Sports Career Conference, which is sponsored by Georgetown University. I’m speaking at a panel there at Nationals Park. That’s going to take up a large part of my afternoon. The panel is called Sports Law Contracts, Negotiations and Representations: Sign On The Dotted Line. I must speak about 20 or 30 times a year. As usual, in our market it’s a 30-minute panel and five hours of networking. And I know that for sure because I just got back from the IMG World Congress.

BRACKET BUSTER: Saturday night at 6:09pm is the Final Four, so I pretty much know what I’m going to be doing Saturday night. I was leading my bracket and then Michigan State lost. Now the only way I could win is if all four teams in the Final Four lose all their games. Probably not going to happen. If they all walk away and say we’re not doing this anymore, I’m pretty sure I’m going to win.

ON THE SEVENTH DAY HE RESTS: We’ll be spending the day outside. We have a nice family dinner on Sunday night, and then usually the family watches some type of TV show. We have a couple of favorites that we save, that we DVR. Then I kind of prepare for the week that’s coming. I travel a lot so Sunday night for me is just a good time to sort of hang in there, see the family and get ready for the upcoming week.

WTA Senior Dir of Communications AMY BINDER is leaving the organization after 10 years to take a position with Flywheel Sports. Binder’s last day is Friday (THE DAILY)....The Astros announced yesterday that Senior VP/Communications JAY LUCAS has left the team. VP/Marketing & Strategy KATHLEEN CLARK will assume his duties (Astros)....FS South named MEAGAN SWINGLE Social Media & Communications Manager. She joins the net after 11 years in PR for the Braves (Fox Sports)....The U.S. Soccer Foundation has appointed CHARLES MARSHALL as Chair of the BOD. KEVIN PAYNE, CHARLES STIMSON and DAVID SUTPHEN were also elected as officers (U.S. Soccer Foundation)....Good Sports named Eagles Senior VP/Business ARI ROITMAN a member of their national advisory board (Good Sports)....The Int'l Association of Venue Managers appointed KIM BEDIER the 2nd Vice Chair for the BOD. Bedier is GM at Global Spectrum's Comcast Arena in Everett, Wash. (Comcast)....The Univ. of Montana has fired AD JIM O’DAY (, 3/29).

In Vancouver, Ed Willes profiles Canucks VP/Hockey Operations & Assistant GM LAURENCE GILMAN and notes he has "been at the forefront of a movement that has dragged hockey" from the '50s to the '90s. Gilman is an "outsider," has "never played the game at a meaningful level and, 25 years ago, he would never have been considered for a job in an NHL team's front office." But Gilman currently is an "indispensable part" of the Canucks organization. Canucks President & GM MIKE GILLIS said, "People want to say it's Money-ball. Really, it's just looking at a problem and thinking of different ways to solve it" (Vancouver PROVINCE, 3/30).

OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM: NHL Panthers Owner CLIFF VINER is "dealing with the aftermath of his divorce, finalized in secret in the fall." Viner, his wife JILL and their lawyers "flew down to Key West in September to redefine the term 'quickie divorce.'" They filed and were "declared officially split forever in just a week." Although as a marital asset the Panthers "could have been in play in the divorce, Jill relinquished any right to a share of the team." Cliff "remains solely in control" (MIAMI HERALD, 3/29)....Mariners SS BRENDAN RYAN proposed to his long-time girlfriend Tuesday on the Sky Deck on the 90th floor of Mori Tower, one of Tokyo's tallest buildings. Ryan said, "I had this planned for quite a while. Once I heard we were going to Japan, I figured it was a pretty cool opportunity. Then MLB heard about it and stepped in and rolled out the red carpet for us and it was just awesome." MLB provided a "fake 'tour guide' who took the couple to the tower" (, 3/29)....

UP FOR AUCTION: In N.Y., Richard Sandomir notes an auction of memorabilia belonging to late Baseball HOFer TED WILLIAMS will be held at Fenway Park on April 28. Hunt Auctions President DAVID HUNT said that he has known Williams' daughter CLAUDIA WILLIAMS "for several years but only in the past year did she decide it was time to sell much of the collection." Hunt Auctions indicated that the "most expensive artifacts" are Ted Williams' '49 AL MVP Award ($150,000-250,000) and the silver bat for winning the '57 AL batting title ($100,00-200,000). A baseball signed to Williams from BABE RUTH "might go for more" (N.Y. TIMES, 3/30).

NAMES: Former Dodgers Owner FRANK MCCOURT was seen "celebrating over dinner with a younger lady" at Crown restaurant on N.Y.'s Upper East Side Wednesday night after closing the $2B-plus sale of the team (N.Y. POST, 3/30)....New digital lifestyle magazine COUP Boston, which launches Monday, "scored a major coup, getting a peek inside the Hingham home" Patriots coach BILL BELICHICK shares with his girlfriend LINDA HOLLIDAY. The tour of Belichick's house will be the featured story in COUP's first issue (BOSTON HERALD, 3/30)....Blackhawks C PATRICK KANE bought a lakefront home in Hamburg, New York, for $2.68M, which is the "third-highest price ever paid for a home in Erie County" (BUFFALO NEWS, 3/30)....Trail Blazers G WESLEY MATTHEWS is the recipient of the Kia Community Assist Award for February in recognition of his efforts in the community and his ongoing philanthropic and charitable work (NBA)….Bruins C TYLER SEGUIN was seen sitting next to EchoStor Technologies CEO JOHN DOOLEY at the Jazz-Celtics game on Wednesday (BOSTON HERALD, 3/30)....Model KATE UPTON, actors JEREMY PIVEN, AZIZ ANSARI and VINCENT PIAZZA, and NFL Giants DE JUSTIN TUCK attended the Magic-Knicks game on Wednesday night at MSG (N.Y. POST, 3/30).

IN MEMORY: Athletes, clergy, journalists and family gathered Thursday in Chicago to memorialize Chicago Sun-Times sportswriter LACY BANKS (, 3/30)....Longtime Raiders trainer GEORGE ANDERSON died at the age of 82 Thursday morning (AP, 3/29).