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Volume 24 No. 113


Mike Slive is in his 10th year as SEC Commissioner and while continuing “to be involved in BCS playoff discussions, he helped the league expand to 14 schools by adding Texas A&M and Missouri starting with the 2012 football season, and made a push for men's basketball to improve its non-conference scheduling,” according to Ron Higgins of the Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL. The following is an excerpt of a recent Q&A:

Q: Are we closer now to a college football playoff than we were two years ago?
Slive: I never use the 'P' word, because I'm not a playoff guy. I've always felt a plus-one wasn't going to a playoff, because it could be done in the structure...I still think it's important to protect the regular season and the bowls. The college football regular season is the best regular season in sports.

Q: When can the SEC, having added two new members, re-negotiate its TV contracts with CBS and ESPN?
Slive: We have started discussions with both our television partners. We feel adding Texas A&M and Missouri has strengthened us in lots of ways, but it certainly strengthened us in television.

Q: With two new members, how do you find enough broadcast windows to televise every football game played by every SEC member?
Slive: We have a proposal to make Saturday a 48-hour day (laughs). We have some ideas, and we're exploring them with our TV partners. Everybody is open-minded.

Q: How many more years does Mike Slive want to be commissioner?
Slive: I'll stay at least two more years. I also remind people that there's another group of people who will determine if I stay longer, and my wife Liz is in that mix. I'll stay as long as everyone feels I'm making a contribution (Memphis COMMERCIAL APPEAL, 3/18).