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NBA Commish Stern Talks About Giving Input On Naming Of Eventual Successor

In a Q&A with USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt, NBA Commissioner David Stern discussed what input he will have in naming his successor and the biggest challenge the eventual new commissioner will face.

What input will you have in the hiring of your successor?
Stern: I don't expect to have any input. It's an owners' league. I have an extraordinarily talented deputy (Adam Silver). But ultimately the question is for the owners to decide.

Q: Do you want Adam to get the job?
Stern: I think he's an extraordinary executive who's been with me for 20 years. But this is an owners' league, and that's their decision to make.

Q: What will be the biggest challenge for your successor?
Stern: The challenge is how to take advantage. We've always had a pretty good relationship with our players. And the challenge is, coming out of a lockout, to continue to rebuild that, which I think is well underway. And the challenge is working together to grow every aspect of our business and how to manage that growth (USA TODAY, 2/24).

NO CHANGES NEEDED: Stern said that "no major alterations are necessary" for the NBA's All-Star Game. He said, "Our players aren't motivated at this weekend by the prizes. What they are motivated by is the opportunity to demonstrate their vast array of skills, and they understand that this is really just a combined celebration of our sport." In Orlando, Josh Robbins notes while "some basketball purists would like to see the annual exhibition take on a more serious tone," Stern said that he "believes All-Star weekend has found just the right mix of events, which include a community service day, Saturday night's dunk contest and even a Sunday brunch for the league's legends" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 2/24).

COME BACK SOON: Orlando last hosted the All-Star Game 20 years ago, and Stern said that he "does not expect Orlando to wait another two decades to host the event again." He said, "I think Orlando is going to be in a mix given its hotel stock, given the convention center, given the brand-new and spectacular Amway Center. I just think that's the way it's going to unfold: in a positive way for Orlando. A far shorter period of time than 20 years will separate this game from the next one here." Stern added that Boston, Brooklyn, Dallas, L.A., New Orleans and N.Y. "could be in the mix in future years" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 2/24).