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Fast Company Names ESPN Most Innovative Company In Sports

ESPN is the most innovative company in sports, according to Chuck Salter of FAST COMPANY, which ranked the top 10 as part of its “50 Most Innovative Companies” list. ESPN ranked as the 16th most innovative company on the overall list, which was topped by Apple (1), Twitter (2) and Facebook (3). The chart below shows FAST COMPANY’s 10 most innovative companies in sports (, 3/14).


ESPN"For integrating new tech like a startup. … The brilliance of ESPN is that it constantly finds new and richer ways to experience and understand sports on all those platforms."
Turner Sports"For growing like a new tech startup. Turner's much better known for its TV coverage, but it dazzles online, operating the second most-visited network of sports websites, including the official sites for the NBA, PGA, and NASCAR."
Livestrong"For making an athlete's foundation a major force in cancer. Through social media, Livestrong reaches about 3 million people a year, a model for bigger and more established health-care stalwarts."
Fenway Sports Group"For its creativity as a sports owner. … FSG now boasts the most impressive and eclectic reach of any sports owner."
Qcue"For using dynamic-pricing to fill stadiums. Airlines adjust fares to account for ticket demand and ultimately to maximize ticket revenue. Now Austin-based Qcue is enabling sports teams to do the same."
Thunder"For proving that market size doesn't matter. … The franchise relocated in 2008 to Oklahoma City, the NBA's smallest market and third smallest TV market. It ranks in the top 15 in overall attendance and is one of the most profitable small-market teams in any sport."
Athletes' Performance"For creating the elite workout facility. The company draws clientele from pro sports as well as the World Cup and the Olympics by offering more than customized training and cutting-edge equipment."
Bloomberg Sports"For crunching the numbers differently. Targeting teams and fans hungry for in-depth statistical analysis, Bloomberg last year launched online tools in baseball and football that capitalize on its expertise in data evaluation and visualization."
Eagles"For generating renewable energy to power its stadium. When the Eagles start the season at Lincoln Financial Field this fall, they'll be playing the world's greenest major sports facility."
Bite Tech"For creating a mouthpiece with an edge. … Its device aligns the jaw to increase oxygen intake, which boosts muscles, and reduces the release of stress hormones that cause fatigue."