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Volume 27 No. 10
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          Former Broncos Owner Edgar Kaiser filed suit last week
     against current team Owner Pat Bowlen, "accusing him of
     illegally blocking Kaiser's attempts to repurchase" the
     team, according to Karen Abbott of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS. 
     The suit claims that Bowlen "transferred his ownership
     interest in the Broncos numerous times without notifying
     Kaiser or giving him a chance to buy back all or part of the
     team."  Kaiser said that his deal to sell the team to Bowlen
     in '84 "gave him the right of first refusal."  Bowlen said
     that he would "vigorously fight" the allegations and called
     the suit "baseless and frivolous." The suit "seeks an order
     undoing all the alleged transfers made by Bowlen so Kaiser
     can have the opportunity to match the prices and regain an
     ownership stake" (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 12/28).
          STADIUM SECURE? In Denver, Abbott & Accola wrote that
     the suit "won't hurt the [Broncos'] ability to pay [their]
     share" of a new football stadium.  The team, which has
     secured loans totaling around $150M, had contacted its chief
     lender N.Y.-based Sumimoto Bank about the suit and Broncos
     VP/Business Operations Joe Ellis said that the lenders feel
     "comfortable with the loan" (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 12/29).