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          The following lists the '99-2000 college bowl schedule,
     including title sponsorship, length of the sponsorship,
     minimum payout per team, date and TV carrier (THE DAILY):

             TITLE        DEAL  
SUGAR       Nokia        2 of 3  VPI/FSU    $11-13M   Jan 4   ABC
FIESTA      Tostitos     5 of 7  TENN/NEB    11-13M   Jan 2   ABC
ORANGE      FedEx        1 of 3  MICH/ALA    11-13M   Jan 1   ABC
ROSE^       AT&T         2 of 6  STAN/WIS       12M   Jan 1   ABC
FL CITRUS 1 of 3  MI ST/FLA    3.80M   Jan 1   ABC
GATOR       Toyota       2 of 4  MIA/GATECH   1.40M   Jan 1   NBC
OUTBACK     Outback       
            Steakhouse   5 of 7  UGA/PURD     1.90M   Jan 1  ESPN
COTTON      SW Bell      4 of 4  ARK/TEX      2.50M   Jan 1   Fox
INDEPEND.   Samford      2 of 3  MISS/OKLA    1.00M  Dec 31  ESPN
LIBERTY^^^^ AXA          3 of 3  CSU/SOMISS   1.20M  Dec 31  ESPN
SUN^^^      Wells Fargo  1 of 1  ORE/MINN     1.00M  Dec 31   CBS
INSIGHT.COM  3 of 4  COL/BC     750,000  Dec 31  ESPN
PEACH       Chick-Fil-A  3 of 3  CLEM/MS ST   1.60M  Dec 30  ESPN 1 of 1  ILL/UVA    750,000  Dec 30   TBS
HUMANITAR.  1 of 1  BOIST/LOU  750,000  Dec 30 ESPN2
HOLIDAY     Culligan     2 of 4  WASH/KSU     1.85M  Dec 29  ESPN
MUSIC CITY  Homepoint.com1 of 3  SYR/UK     750,000  Dec 29  ESPN
ALAMO       Sylvania     1 of 3  PSU/TXA&M    1.20M  Dec 28  ESPN
MOTOR CITY^^Big Three    2 of 4  BYU/MARSH  750,000  Dec 27  ESPN
OAHU        Jeep         2 of 5  HAW/OR ST  800,000  Dec 25  ESPN
ALOHA       Jeep        14 of 17 WAKE/ASU   800,000  Dec 25   ABC
MOBILE AL   Mobile AL    n/a     TCU/ECU    750,000  Dec 22 ESPN2
LAS VEGAS   EA Sports    1 of 2  FRESNO/UT  750,000  Dec 18 ESPN2
HERITAGE    McDonald's           HAMP/SOU     ---    Dec 18   NBC
          OTHER DEAL TERMS: The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors
     Bureau ($400,000) and EA Sports ($350,000) are co-title
     sponsors of the Las Vegas Bowl, with an option for a third
     year.  Sylvania's title sponsorship of the Alamo Bowl is
     valued at $2.7M, or $900,000 per year, with a three-year
     option in 2001.  Title sponsorship of the Music City Bowl is
     valued at $1.5M over three years.  Southwestern Bell signed
     a seven-year extension last summer worth $8.5M, through
     January 1, 2006.  ^ = AT&T is a presenting sponsor with a
     six-year deal through 2005.  ^^ = The Big Three, consisting
     of DaimlerChrysler, Ford and GM, are presenting sponsors. 
     ^^^ = Norwest was the title sponsor of the Sun Bowl from
     '96-98, but Norwest and Wells Fargo merged in '98.  Wells
     Fargo pays $550,000 in a one-year deal, but they signed a
     one-year extension through 2000.  ^^^^ = AXA is in the
     process of extending its deal with the Liberty Bowl.
          THE HOST WITH THE MOST: In DC, Ray Glier writes that
     "despite sagging ticket sales" to the Mobile Alabama Bowl
     and "other less prominent bowl games, a line of cities is
     forming behind Mobile to host a bowl game."  The NCAA
     "requires cities to make a minimum commitment" of $2M to
     host a bowl game, which includes $500,000 to stage the event
     and a minimum payout of $750,000 to each team.  More Glier:
     "The glut of bowl games doesn't sit well with some college
     coaches and administrators, many of whom feel they must
     accept a bowl bid to satisfy fans" (WASHINGTON POST, 12/22).