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Volume 24 No. 156
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          League tax returns shows that six Div. I-A conferences
     take in from $47-76M every year, according to Adam Rubin in
     a special report in Sunday's BIRMINGHAM NEWS.  Rubin wrote
     that "a couple of those make more in interest than many of
     the small-dollar leagues do in total revenue."  Tax returns
     for 29 Div. I-A conferences for '97-98 -- the latest year
     for which a complete set is available -- "demonstrate the
     financial gap and help explain why the six rich conferences
     enjoy national athletic domination."  The Big Ten generated
     the highest revenue during the '97-98 academic year with
     $75.9M, followed by the SEC with $74.8M, the ACC with
     $68.2M, the Big 12 with $63.2M, the Pac-10 with $48.0 and
     the Big East with $47.8M.  Schools from those six
     conferences won 27 of 32 NCAA Div. I titles, excluding
     football, which is divided into I-A and I-AA.  Twenty
     leagues generated less than $2.7M, and schools from those
     conferences won one national title -- in water polo.  The
     following lists the ten highest-compensated Div. I-A
     commissioners during the '97-98 school year as detailed by
     tax returns and printed in the BIRMINGHAM NEWS (12/19):

CONF.   NAME          TOTAL $$  CONF.     NAME          TOTAL $$
SEC     Roy Kramer    $386,563  Big East Mike Tranghese $271,074
Big 10  Jim Delaney   $362,398  Big 12   Steve Hatchell $210,869
ACC ^   John Swofford $315,476  WAC      Karl Benson    $206,082
        Gene Corrigan           
Pac-10  Thomas Hansen $312,440  Atl. 10  Linda Bruno    $197,684
C-USA   Mike Silve    $276,711  Sun Belt Craig Thompson $197,459 

          ^ = ACC includes total of Swofford and Corrigan, both
     of whom served during the '97-98 academic year.