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          Walt Disney "is grudgingly obeying a judge's order to
     pull's green and yellow traffic light logo from its
     properties, saying that in doing so it may lose" $40M in
     branding investments, according to Marc Graser of DAILY
     VARIETY.  A judge ruled Friday that the logo is too
     similar to that of competing search engine (See THE
     DAILY, 11/15), and by the end of yesterday, Disney's
     logo was "being replaced by a new logo, featuring the Go.
     com moniker in green letters across a white rectangle."  On
     Monday, Disney requested a 60-day stay of the decision and a
     raise of's $25,000 bond to $20M.  Disney and
     Infoseek are "said to have spent" $40M to put the
     logo on "everything from mousepads and hockey scoreboards to
     TV spots and billboards."  Sources said that Disney had the
     chance to settle the dispute in "early October but decided
     to pull out ... opting instead to flex its corporate
     muscle."  Disney "does not plan to change the Go Network
     name" (DAILY VARIETY, 11/16).  In L.A., Greg Miller reports
     that ESPN and ABC "stopped using the traffic light symbol"
     (L.A. TIMES, 11/16).  The new logo is featured in the
     upper left hand corner of (THE DAILY).