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Volume 24 No. 154
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          PGA of America officials said yesterday that they "will
     do everything they can to keep players on either team from
     being heckled during future" Ryder Cup competitions in the
     U.S. and Europe, according to Leonard Shapiro of the
     WASHINGTON POST.  PGA of America CEO Jim Awtrey, on crowd-
     control at The Brookline Country Club in MA: "I thought it
     was horrible conduct, there's no question about that. ...
     We've got to take these people out of the crowd and out the
     gate."  He blamed the incidents on a "vocal but very small
     minority" (WASHINGTON POST, 9/29).  European captain Mark
     James said European golfers may refuse to play in future
     Ryder Cups in the U.S. after the treatment they received
     last weekend.  James: "A lot of players will not be bothered
     competing in America again.  Certainly that is the case with
     me.  It's not something I would look forward to.  We don't
     need to be treated like this" (AP, 9/28).  In the LONDON
     TELEGRAPH, Colin Montgomerie wrote an Op-Ed calling for the
     banning of alcohol from future Ryder Cup events: "The drink
     angle is huge, yet I learned over the weekend that Michelob
     beer is to be the official drink at the next Ryder Cup.  To
     me, that does not make sense" (LONDON TELEGRAPH, 9/28).
          COVER BOYS: A shot of Justin Leonard celebrating after
     his putt on the 17th hole on Sunday appears on the cover of
     this week's SI under the header, "The Putt Heard 'Round The
     World" (10/4 issue)....In Milwaukee, Bob Wolfley writes that
     after his performance last week, NBC's Johnny Miller "proved
     again -- and he doesn't have to prove anything -- that he is
     among the best commentators in TV sports broadcasting.  The
     reason?  He tells us what he thinks, and he says out loud
     what we're thinking" (JOURNAL SENTINEL, 9/29).  Miller, on
     his comment Saturday that Leonard should have "stayed home"
     and watched the matches on TV: "I probably shouldn't have
     said it.  It just popped out.  Bogey.  Maybe double bogey. 
     But the idea still was OK" (L.A. TIMES, 9/29).