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Volume 24 No. 117
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          The 33rd Ryder Cup begins Friday in Brookline, MA, and
     the BOSTON HERALD's Michael Lasalandra wrote that the event
     is "expected to gross" $150M.  Greater Boston Convention &
     Visitors Bureau President Patrick Moscaritolo: "This is the
     largest sporting event that Boston has seen in terms of
     spending power."  Companies including BankBoston and
     Wellington Management "snapped up the biggest corporate
     tents" for $500,000 each, and 57 other firms paid $250,000
     each for smaller tents "to reward their top customers." 
     BankBoston rented Newton (MA)-based Charles River Country
     Club for $500,000, while IMG has "leased" the West Newton
     Brae Burn Country Club so its clients can "play in a one-day
     tournament with Arnold Palmer" (BOSTON HERALD, 9/20).  In
     Boston, Greg Gatlin reported that companies are "expected to
     spend" $35M on entertainment during the Ryder Cup (BOSTON
     HERALD, 9/20).  The GLOBE's Syre & Stein reported that other
     companies at the Ryder Cup include Gillette, Fidelity
     Investments, John Hancock Mutual Life, New England
     Financial, State Street and MA Financial Services. 
     Companies going for the Ryder Cup's "international reach"
     include IBM, Pepsi and Johnnie Walker (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/21). 
          MERCHANDISE SALES: PGA Dir of Merchandising Susan
     Hickman "estimated" that sales at the Ryder Cup Golf Shop
     could be in the "multimillions." Vendors "suggested sales"
     could be between $10-15M (BOSTON HERALD, 9/22).
          CUP OVERFLOWS: PGA Tour telecom sponsor Sprint will
     provide telephone and communications service during the
     Ryder Cup.  Each business center will have three IBM
     computers with "high-speed Internet access" (Andrea Stape,
     METROWEST DAILY NEWS, 9/21)....In Boston, McLaughlin &
     Gatlin report that the PGA was hoping to ban small aircraft
     flights over the event, but the FAA "wasn't going along with
     the PGA's request." said that it "plans to fly
     its blimp."  Metropolitan Life's blimp, with the Snoopy logo
     and NBC camera, is allowed to fly (BOSTON HERALD, 9/22).
          THE DEBATE RAGES ON: U.S. team member Justin Leonard
     said the team would answer no more questions about the play-
     for-pay issue.  Leonard: "No more questions" (CNN/SI, 9/21). 
          FROM THE MEDIA'S VIEWPOINT: In Boston, Jim Baker wrote
     that with the "international media crunch," only Boston TV
     stations "were credentialed among local TV outlets" around
     the U.S. which "frustrates" nearby affiliates such as
     Providence.  WCVB Sports Dir Mike Fernandez: "The control
     over this event is as tight as any I've ever seen.  We can't
     use highlights except inside sportscasts."  Baker reported
     that NBC is "projecting" 40 million people will "watch all
     or part" of the Ryder Cup (BOSTON HERALD, 9/21).  Also in
     Boston, Howard Manly reported that NBC will use 35 cameras
     at the event, which is "more than" the net used to televise
     Super Bowl XXXII (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/21).  NBC "will not have a
     permanent on-screen box" for viewers (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/19).
      ...Ben Wright "will do commentary" on the Ryder Cup for The
     Golf Channel (DETROIT FREE PRESS, 9/20).
          ON THE WEB: The Ryder Cup's official Web site is live
     at, and IBM, and Ryder Cup Limited
     are producing the site jointly. allows users
     to follow either the U.S. or European team (PGA).
          THE KID IS MORE THAN ALRIGHT: Sergio Garcia was
     profiled by Brad Townsend of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, who
     wrote that despite Garcia's long-term deals with adidas and
     Titleist, he "could hardly be accused of cashing on his
     early success, at least not yet."  Garcia has "yet to even
     play a corporate outing," with his first coming next month
     in Germany for adidas (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 9/20).  When
     Garcia signed his five-year deal with adidas, his "first
     question wasn't about the size of the deal, but when he'd
     get to meet" Anna Kournikova, who also endorses adidas
     (Starr & Gordon, NEWSWEEK, 9/27 issue).  TIME's Robert
     Sullivan writes that Garcia is a "Tiger use-ta-be, a
     charismatic 19-year-old with a fast grin, faster club-head
     speed and a palpable love of the game" (TIME, 9/27 issue).
          NOTES: In Boston, Kevin Paul Dupont reports that the
     "biggest buzz" of the event could come when Michael Jordan
     "hits the grounds."  Jordan is "believed to have rented a
     home bordering" the course (BOSTON GLOBE, 9/22)....Tickets
     for "weekly passes" with a $275-375 face value are now
     "fetching" as much as $1,800 (BOSTON HERALD, 9/21).