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          Greater Boston tourism officials "sharply increased
     their estimate of the impact of the [MLB] All-Star Game on
     the local economy," citing the "unanticipated" success of
     the John Hancock FanFest and evidence of "higher-than-
     expected retail sales in and near Fenway Park on Tuesday,"
     according to Gregg Krupa of the BOSTON GLOBE.  MLB had
     estimated that the game and ancillary events from Friday
     through Tuesday would result in $62M in local spending,
     while local execs had put the financial impact at about $50-
     54M.  But "much of the reason for the strong performance in
     Boston is the increasing popularity" of FanFest, as about
     110,000 attended the event, about 38% more than
     "anticipated."  The event also set records for sales of
     licensed goods -- more than $500,000 -- and concessions --
     more than $450,000.  Stephen Burgay, VP/Advertising & Public
     Affairs at event sponsor John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance,
     said, "I honestly thought we'd never get more than 80,000 to
     85,000 at FanFest."  Greater Boston Convention & Visitors
     Bureau President & CEO Patrick Moscaritolo: "We're hearing
     that $700,000 was spent on souvenirs inside the park itself"
     (BOSTON GLOBE, 7/15).  Moscaritolo: "FanFest was huge, more
     successful than anyone anticipated" (BOSTON HERALD, 7/15).