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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Duke Univ. men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said
     yesterday that "college basketball needs its own governing
     body apart from other NCAA sports" to deal with the issue of
     schools losing underclassmen to the NBA "at an alarming
     rate," according to Paul Ensslin of the WASHINGTON POST. 
     Krzyzewski said that college basketball is changing at a
     "torrid pace that the NCAA can't keep up with" unless it is
     constantly monitored.  Krzyzewski: "The game is played on a
     day-to-day basis.  It must be governed on a day-to-day
     basis.  That's the only way to really solve problems. 
     Agents watch our sport every day; they are always looking
     for an opportunity."  Krzyzewski said the proposal to make
     freshmen ineligible is "a good move from an educational
     aspect," but said that it would eventually lead to the
     creation of another league and cause fewer high school
     players to go to college (WASHINGTON POST, 6/22). 
     Krzyzewski: "I think the NCAA is negligent, is what I'm
     saying.  Let's come up with a body that governs this game at
     the college level" (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 6/22).
          MERELY FRESHMEN? Tufts University President John
     DiBiaggio writes an Op-Ed the WASHINGTON and states that "no
     first-year student, male or female, in any major sport,
     should be eligible for intercollegiate athletics. ... The
     most important thing is to help [them] adapt to the academic
     and social demands of college life" (WASHINGTON POST, 6/22).