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Volume 24 No. 115
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          The Blue Jays are "attempting to woo fans with their
     fannies" in a 30-second radio spot in which a female fan
     "delivers the punchline: 'Mmm, check out the buns on [RF
     Shawn] Green,'" according to Dave Feschuk of the NATIONAL
     POST.  The ad tells of a "heinie scout ... just one of the
     die-hard fans at a Blue Jays game."  Graham Farrell, a
     spokesperson for the Jays' ad agency: "It was just a fun way
     of saying there's more to do at the SkyDome than just
     watching the baseball game itself.  It's just a fun spot
     that speaks to women."  Feschuk: "Funny thing, it seems, for
     a baseball team to attempt to sell itself with a touch of
     sex.  There are, after all, plenty of sports with more
     obvious oomph" (NATIONAL POST, 5/22).  The NATIONAL POST's
     Chris Jones wrote that the "signs of decline" in Blue Jays
     attendance "are more evident this year -- thousands of upper
     deck seats have been covered in tarps -- but the Jays'
     attendance woes are not new" (NATIONAL POST, 5/22).
          FAMILY AFFAIR: In Detroit, Maureen McDonald profiles
     DeAnn Forbes, VP and Partner of Day-Forbes LLC, the ad
     agency hired by the Lions "to reach females, families and
     children."  The agency will launch a series of player
     profiles next month via local TV and regional publications,
     and Forbes "hopes" the effort will "help sell season
     tickets" to more women and families.  Forbes: "Women want to
     know more about what motivates the players, how they feel,
     what they do with their families" (DETROIT NEWS, 5/24).