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Volume 24 No. 154
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          In a speech at the U.N. on Friday, TED TURNER ended his
     feud with RUPERT MURDOCH.  Turner: "I'm not gonna hate
     anybody.  I won't even hate Rupert Murdoch.  I'm not gonna
     hate him from this moment on.  And that's a pretty difficult
     thing to do" (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 5/8)....MLB player agent
     RON SHAPIRO was profiled by Richard Justice of the
     WASHINGTON POST.  Justice: "Shapiro has been so successful
     that he now spends much of his professional time speaking to
     corporations on his philosophies of negotiations, which are
     outlined in a new book, 'The Power of Nice'" (WASHINGTON
     POST, 5/9)....No Limit Sports Managing Dir LELAND HARDY
     secured rights to the Web URL "" in '94.  Hardy:
     "I've been offered millions for the name.  ... [It will] be
     as big as  It's the kind of opportunity we can
     offer clients that no one else can" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,
     5/9)....PAUL LEVY, a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, is
     suing former Fox broadcaster JERRY GLANVILLE and Fox Sports
     Inc., claiming Glanville "failed to exercise care in driving
     the motorcycle" inside the Metrodome before a Vikings game
     last November 8th.  Levy, suffered arm and shoulder injuries
     and has been in physical therapy since the incident (AP,
     5/7)...On "The Tonight Show" with JAY LENO, actress KERI
     RUSSELL of "Felicity" said that she was an Avalanche fan and
     enjoyed the NHL because "it's like football with dancing,
     because they're so graceful.  I think it's a great sport." 
     Leno then presented Russell with a "hockey kit" that
     contained an Avalanche jersey, a bottle of fake blood and a
     Ziploc bag with "actual teeth knocked out" of a player's
     mouth (NBC, 5/7)....Predators captain TOM FITZGERALD read
     "The Top 10 Nashville Predator Pick-up Lines" during the
     "Late Show" with DAVID LETTERMAN. No. 3) "Our sport may not
     be as cool as baseball, basketball, football, boxing, golf
     or soccer, but I still make a ton of green" (CBS, 5/7).