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Volume 24 No. 113
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          The Lipton Championships final between Venus and Serena
     Williams on Sunday marked the first time sisters met in the
     finals. In Atlanta, Prentis Rogers writes that Venus and
     Serena Williams "made Fox look like a genius" for picking up
     the Lipton finals.  Rogers: "The two put on a such
     compelling display of tennis that Tracy Austin turned in one
     of her best performances as an analyst" (A.C., 3/29). In
     Miami, Peter Bosch writes that an IMG exec was heard to say
     at the end of the 28-minute first set, "It's going to go
     three sets.  Fox has two hours" (MIAMI HERALD, 3/29).
          DADDY DEAREST? Richard Williams posted seven messages
     during the match which he "strenuously displayed for the
     television cameras."  In N.Y., George Vecsey calls the one
     which read "The Williams Family loves Fox TV" a "trifle
     tacky" (N.Y. TIMES, 3/29).  Other signs read: "I told you
     so," "It's Venus's house," "Go, Serena, Go," and "Let's hear
     it for the Williams sisters and Lipton" (MIAMI HERALD,
     3/29). NEWSDAY's Shaun Powell writes that the success of the
     sisters makes Williams "a very proud, accomplished and
     dangerous man," whose "bizarre personality threatened to
     steal the show at Lipton."  Powell: "He should allow his
     daughters to thrive without his interference.  His presence
     was necessary at first; now it's clumsy" (NEWSDAY, 3/29). In
     Miami, Meri-Jo Borzilleri wrote that prior to the Lipton
     finals, ticketholders could get their hair "corn-rowed and
     beaded" for $5 a strand (MIAMI HERALD, 3/28)....Despite the
     appeal of the WTA women, Charles Bricker reported that the
     Lipton men's final was sold out two days in advance, while
     the "increasingly exciting" WTA Tour had 1,000 tickets left
     for its final, as of noon Saturday (SUN-SENTINEL, 3/28).