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Volume 24 No. 112

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          Big Daddy's BBQ's sponsorship deal that "would have
     kept" driver Davey Hamilton with Galles Racing and in the
     IRL has "gone up in smoke," as Hamilton and Galles "have no
     intention of working with" the company, according to Jeff
     Wolf of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL.  Big Daddy's announced
     "two weeks ago that it would sponsor" the team, but "less
     than a week later, the deal fell apart."  Hamilton: "We just
     didn't get our money."  Big Daddy's BBQ Founder Dan Lloyd
     "blames" N.Y.-based investment banking firm J.B. Marc &
     Associates, saying that the deal "crashed" because of an
     "inability to recover from its major loss of funds stemming
     from a deal" with the firm (LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, 3/12).
          FUNNY CARS? In Indianapolis, Bill Koenig reports that
     ESPN is "about to unveil its newest humorous" NASCAR spots
     and, "for the first time ever, will have promos" for CART.
     The NASCAR spots were filmed "recently" at Lowe's Motor
     Speedway near Charlotte and feature Winston Cup drivers. 
     The CART spots are a "bit different," as they feature actor
     Ricardo Montalban "dressed in a tuxedo, in a sort of
     takeoff" of the Chrysler ads he did 20 years ago.  In one
     spot, Montalban "muses why celebrities such as" Paul Newman
     and David Letterman become team owners (STAR-NEWS, 3/12).

          The WTA Tour is using "sex appeal" to "revive interest"
     in the sport among fans and corporate sponsors, according to
     Kurt Streeter of the L.A. TIMES.  Marketers hope the women's
     tour, "with more personable stars than the somewhat dull
     men's circuit, will lift the fortunes of the entire sport. 
     But some worry that women's tennis is in danger of reducing
     its athletes to starlets known more for their looks than
     their game."  Women's Sports Foundation Exec Dir Donna
     Lopiano: "If the tour starts portraying them too much as sex
     objects, the public is not going to treat them as athletes." 
     WTA Tour Dir of Marketing Susan Marenoff: "We've chosen to
     market our players this way because this is what Madison
     Avenue wants."  adidas Publicity Dir Jennie Craig: "The
     women on the tour, as a whole, are presenting themselves
     with the sporty, sexy image we want for our company."  The
     Tour is also starting to leverage its association with New
     Regency Enterprises' Arnon Milchan, as Venus and Serena
     Williams "had screen tests last week" at New Regency for
     upcoming film roles (L.A. TIMES, 3/12).

          Nike "is on board with the outside back cover" ad for
     the launch of Larry Flynt's "Code," a fashion magazine
     "aimed at African-American men 25 years and older" (N.Y.
     POST, 3/11)....The WALL STREET JOURNAL's Sam Walker profiles
     the "invasion" of "space-age drivers" in the game of golf
     and writes, "If nothing else is done, critics say, the big
     clubs could do to golf what high-tech rackets did to tennis:
     turn a cerebral game of finesse and inches into a crude
     display of smacking and banging" (WALL ST. JOURNAL, 3/12).
          SOCCER: The Scottish Premier League, "without a sponsor
     since its inception," inked a two-year deal $3.7M deal, with
     an option for one more, making the Bank of Scotland the
     league's title sponsor (London TELEGRAPH, 3/11)....IMG
     Canada and the Canadian Soccer Association formed "Soccer
     Canada Properties," a marketing partnership to improve TV
     distribution, increase sponsorship opportunities and promote
     the growth and development of soccer (IMG).

          Univ. of CA environmental researcher Dara O'Rourke
     "applauded" Nike for "improving ventilation" at a company-
     contracted plant in Vietnam, 18 months after he disclosed
     that the "air in parts of" the plant had "levels of cancer-
     causing substances that exceeded local standards by 177
     times," according to Steven Greenhouse of the N.Y. TIMES. 
     O'Rouke also credited Nike with reducing the "use of
     hazardous chemicals and training managers on safety issues"
     at the plant.  O'Rourke "praised Nike for a turnaround," but
     said that "some significant problems remained."  Nike Dir of
     Labor Relations Dusty Kid said that the factory was "an
     average factory, not a model one," and that Nike "would
     allow" O'Rourke to visit "any of its" 37 factories in Asia. 
     Human rights group Global Exchange, one of Nike's "harshest
     and most persistent critics," also credited the company
     yesterday for "improving conditions and for letting an
     outside monitor inspect" the plant (N.Y. TIMES, 3/12). 
          KNIGHT MOVES: Nike Chair Phil Knight said that the
     company "will disclose the location of all its foreign
     factories if competitors agree to do the same thing." 
     Knight sent letters to presidents of universities with Nike
     contracts, "calling on them to join the effort to 'ensure
     that licensed products bearing the names and logos of
     schools are manufactured under fair conditions'" (AP, 3/12). 

          Univ. of KS men's basketball coach Roy Williams was
     featured in an ad for the "Sports Page Brewery" earlier this
     week, though the university called the move "a mistake,"
     according to Jeffrey Flanagan of the K.C. STAR.  SID Dean
     Buchan said that Williams is friends with the bar's owner,
     who thought it was OK to use a picture in the ad, but "Roy
     didn't want his picture used."  Buchan said that the bar was
     "happy to stop the ad out of respect" for Williams.  NCAA
     Dir of PR Wally Renfro said the appearance of coaches in ads
     promoting bars is not an NCAA violation (K.C. STAR, 3/12).  

          IMG, which recently filed suit against former
     VP/Racquet Sports Jeff Schwartz for "allegedly stealing"
     three tennis clients, "says it caught" Schwartz on videotape
     "raiding company files a week before he left the firm,"
     according to Bill Lubinger of the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER. 
     IMG "filed a motion" in U.S. District Court in Cleveland
     "requesting the immediate return" of documents that are
     "estimated" to be worth at least $75,000 and contain "highly
     confidential trade secrets."  The motion claims the files,
     which are "believed to be at Schwartz's Manhattan apartment
     or office," include sponsorship contracts and agreements
     with clients Pete Sampras, Marcelo Rios and Martina Hingis. 
     Schwartz's attorney Steven Miller said Schwartz "didn't take
     anything he wasn't entitled to."  A hearing on the motion is
     set for March 23 (Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, 3/12).

          Today, THE DAILY lists the shoe and uniform     affiliations of the team's participating in the NCAA women's     basketball tournament.  Schools are listed in seed order: 
TENNESSEE adidas/adidas PURDUE Nike/Champion
OLD DOMINION Nike/Sports Belle TEXAS TECH Nike/Wilson
DUKE Nike/Nike RUTGERS Nike/Sports Belle
VIRGINIA TECH Nike/Sports Belle N. CAROLINA Nike/Nike
AUBURN Nike/Russell ALABAMA Nike/Nike
TULANE Nike/Russell ARIZONA Nike/Nike
STANFORD Nike/Nike MISS. ST. Converse/Wilson
OHIO ST. Nike/Nike KANSAS Nike/Nike
MAINE Nike/Sports Belle N.C. STATE Nike/Sports Belle
ST. JOSEPH'S Nike/Rawlings FLORIDA Reebok/Reebok
TEXAS Reebok/Reebok GRAMBLING Nike/ –
ST. PETER'S Reebok/Reebok NORTHEASTERN Nike/Nike
HOLY CROSS Reebok/Reebok DARTMOUTH Nike/Speedline
TENNESSEE TECH Nike/Wilson S.F. AUSTIN Nike/Sports Belle
UCONN Nike/Nike LA TECH adidas/adidas
CLEMSON Nike/Sports Belle COLORADO ST. Nike/Wilson
GEORGIA Nike/Nike UCLA Reebok/Reebok
IOWA ST. Nike/Russell LSU Nike/Sports Belle
OREGON Nike/Nike NOTRE DAME adidas/adidas
TOLEDO Reebok/DeLong KENTUCKY Nike/Nike
ILLINOIS Nike/Nike SW MO ST. Nike/Rawlings
XAVIER Reebok/Reebok PENN ST. Nike/Nike
FLORIDA INT'L Nike/Sports Belle VIRGINIA Nike/Nike
LOUISVILLE adidas/adidas UC SANTA BAR Nike/Russell
SMU Nike/Sports Belle NEBRASKA adidas/adidas
CINCINNATI Nike/Russell ST. MARY'S Nike/Wilson
SANTA CLARA Nike/Sports Belle EVANSVILLE Reebok/Wilson
LIBERTY Reebok/Russell WISC.-GB Reebok/Sports Belle
FLORIDA A&M Nike/Russell CA ST. NOR. Nike/Unique
ST. FRANCIS Nike/Sports Belle CENTRAL FL adidas/Sports Belle

Nike leads the way by providing shoes to 46 teams and uniforms to 15. Reebok provides shoes to 11 teams and uniforms to seven, while adidas provides shoes to six and uniforms to five and Converse shoes to one and no uniforms. Sports Belle outfits 14 teams with uniforms, while Russell outfits eight, Wilson six, Rawlings three, DeLong two, Speedline one, Champion one and Unique one.