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Volume 24 No. 114
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          "Fox Sports News"' Keith Olbermann commented on the
     "Esquire" article by Charles Pierce claiming former Dodger
     Kirk Gibson took steroids before his historic home-run
     during the '88 World Series.  Olbermann noted that Gibson
     received a cortisone shot, which is "not an anabolic,
     illegal, banned, growth or performance-enhancing steroid." 
     Olbermann: "It's just so unfair to drag Gibson into, and
     through, [controversy] merely because -- technically --
     cortisone is a steroid" ("FSN," 1/19)....The Padres have
     reached a five-year agreement with flagship station KURS-AM
     to allow the Spanish-language network to broadcast games in
     much of Baja California (S.D. UNION-TRIBUNE, 1/16)....In
     Miami, Barry Jackson reviewed the year in the NFL and wrote
     that CBS's AFC telecasts "were not awful or offensive" but
     "simply did not measure up to NBC's" (MIAMI HERALD, 1/18).
     ...ABC's lockout of 2,400 NABET employees ended Friday 
     (Mult., 1/16)....In N.Y., George Vecsey wrote that ESPN's
     "SportsCentury" series on the best North American athletes
     in the past century "will keep people talking for the entire
     year."  He added that ESPN "put on its journalistic hat" and
     "did its homework" as the series "seems legitimately rooted
     in history, by adults, for adults" (N.Y. TIMES, 1/17).