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Volume 24 No. 113

Collegiate Sports

          Univ. of WA football coach Rick Neuheisel is still
     having his contract "negotiated, but some details are
     emerging," according to Marsha King of the SEATTLE TIMES. 
     Neuheisel will receive a $195,000 base salary, the use of a
     donated car valued at $20,000 and the purchase of a $100,000
     "retirement annuity for each of the next five years."  Other
     "benefits" could include "family-travel and car-operating
     allowances and country-club dues," as well as the "payoff of
     the $800,000-plus mortgage" on his CO home.  The remaining
     $300,000 to $400,000 of his pay will "be provided by outside
     interests," including Nike, which is "expected to pitch in
     $100,000 ... the same arrangement it's believed the company
     had" with Neuheisel while he was at the Univ. of CO.  Around
     half of Neuheisel's deal will come from AD revenues.  King
     wrote that the average salary for all levels of UW
     professors is $63,124 (SEATTLE TIMES, 1/13).

          In San Antonio, Tim Griffin reports that the NCAA has
     "granted initial certification" to the proposed Mardi Gras
     Bowl, which would be played in Mobile, AL, and could begin
     in December.  ESPN analyst Mike Gottfried has served as the
     leader for the city in dealing with the NCAA and said that
     he's "discussing a title sponsorship with the city of Mobile
     of the game."  If certification is granted during the April
     26-28 NCAA meeting in Dallas, the game would be televised on
     ESPN....The NCAA will "sell its controversial jet" as part
     of its plan to save $23M in "cost avoidance and revenue
     enhancements."  The jet was bought for $1.7M in '88, but
     could be sold for "more than" $2.8M (EXPRESS-NEWS, 1/13).