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Volume 24 No. 158

Leagues Governing Bodies

          NHLPA Exec Dir Bob Goodenow said that the NHL is
     "unlikely to support efforts" by the IOC to develop a
     uniform drug policy for North American pro sports, according
     to REUTERS.  The IOC Exec Board has asked the NHL, NFL, NBA
     and MLB to join to "fight against the use of performance-
     enhancing drugs by adopting common anti-doping standards and
     a universal banned substance list."  But Goodenow said that
     the current IOC "anti-doping standards would not work" in
     pro sports leagues operating in the U.S. and Canada: "There
     will be some discussions with the IOC but my sense is the
     standards of the IOC are not applicable to our standards.
     ... You just have to look at things like Sudafed.  The
     Olympics have spent millions trying to get their arms around
     this thing and they haven't" (REUTERS, 9/17). 

          At the MLB meetings in Milwaukee, owners "approved a
     rule change allowing one person to own shares" in more than
     one MLB team, according to the AP.  MLB Commissioner Bud
     Selig: "Under a stringent sort of circumstances, a person
     can own less than five percent interest in two teams." 
     Selig said that no owner is currently in that category and
     that move was "nothing very significant."   Also at the
     meetings, owners approved the transfer of operating control
     of the Brewers from Selig to his daughter, Wendy Selig-
     Prieb.  Selig's stock in the team will be placed in a trust. 
     In other news, MLB COO Paul Beeston reported on how MLB "can
     increase its international presence, but no decisions were
     made."  Selig also discussed revenue sharing (AP, 9/18).  In
     Milwaukee, Michael Bauman examines the revenue disparity in
     MLB, and writes that despite the "dramatic" home run chase,
     the game "is still sick" (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 9/18).
          ALLEN TOWN: An MLB exec told Geoff Hobson of the
     CINCINNATI ENQUIRER that despite the future of the Reds'
     ownership being "in limbo," the team's Managing Exec John
     Allen has "done a tremendous job and you can count on it,
     he'll have a job in baseball" (CINC. ENQUIRER, 9/18).