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Volume 24 No. 112
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          Following the Padres' 6-3 loss to the Cubs on Wednesday
     night, in which Padres fans cheered for Sammy Sosa after his
     grand slam (and MLB record-tying HR No. 63) gave the Cubs
     the lead, Padres OF Greg Vaughn said, "Sammy Sosa's a good
     friend of mine and he's had a great year.  But what the
     (bleep) is going on?  We're trying to do something for this
     city and the (bleep) fans are rooting for this guy to beat
     us. ... Everyone in this clubhouse feels like we have our
     road uniforms on.  Are we the enemy? ... This is just
     (bleep) and you can tell the fans that" (Bill Center, S.D.
     UNION-TRIBUNE, 9/17). In S.D., Braun & LaVelle write that
     attorney Michael Aguirre, a co-Chair of the Proposition C
     ballpark campaign, "called the Padres to register his
     concern" about Vaughn's remarks, saying that "a few poorly
     chosen words would haunt the ballpark measure," which will
     be voted on in November.  Aguirre asked a team official:
     "Can we have a big meeting with the players and explain to
     them the concept of killing public image?  Because they are
     killing us."  Padres Owner John Moores said that "there
     would be no such meeting," and that the "only apology would
     be from the front office to the players -- for using the
     scoreboard and fireworks to congratulate Sosa."  Moores
     "went on to blame his own organization for the
     'inappropriate' fireworks."  Moores: "When Sosa hit it, I
     thought I was going to throw up, and then the fireworks went
     off and it pissed me off" (S.D. UNION-TRIBUNE, 9/18).