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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Islanders co-Owner Steven Gluckstern said that he
     "likely will refuse to return" to the Nassau Coliseum under
     the current lease even if Spectacor Management Group (SMG)
     fixes safety problems, according to Marc Berman of the N.Y.
     POST.  Gluckstern: "The courts can say things, the league
     can say things.  It's a determination we have to make as
     owners of the team, not some third party."  SMG President
     Wes Westley said that the hoist holding the scoreboard "has
     been replaced" and his company bought an upgraded model for
     $150,000.  Islanders President David Seldin, referring to
     SMG failing to disclose an inspection on the hoist system:
     "We've got a manager whom we firmly believe lied to us and
     withheld information."  An Isles statement said the team has
     spoken with "a number of municipalities in the tri-state
     area, including New York City" about relocating.  Berman
     adds that an NHL source said that the statement implied a
     "permanent move," and talking to municipalities rather than
     arena owners was a "big leap" (N.Y. POST, 9/17).  Nassau
     County Exec Thomas Gulotta will meet with Seldin and Westley
     on Thursday.  The NHL will not send a representative, but
     plans to hire independent engineers to inspect the Coliseum
     (N.Y. TIMES, 9/17).  On L.I., a NEWSDAY editorial: "Did the
     county move too slowly to address safety questions about the
     equipment that secures the scoreboard overhead in the 25-
     year-old Coliseum?  The answer: Yes" (NEWSDAY, 9/17).       
          WHAT ABOUT THE FANS?  The Islanders and the One on One
     Sports Radio Network agreed to a one-year deal to carry
     games on WJWR-AM, according to Steve Zipay of NEWSDAY.  The
     games will also be simulcast on WLUX-AM to reach more of
     Long Island.  WJWR-AM GM Jamie Rush: "We'll be broadcasting
     all 82 regular-season games -- from where, I don't know yet"
     (NEWSDAY, 9/17).  In NY, Anthony McCarron writes under the
     header "Islander Move Has Fans Up In Arms" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS,
     9/17).  Gluckstern, on the fans' patience with the off-ice
     problems: "If you keep hitting someone across the face with
     a two-by-four 50, 60, 70, 80 times, I'm sure they eventually
     stop coming back" (John Valenti, NEWSDAY, 9/17).