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Volume 24 No. 113
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          Revenues for the PAC-10 Conference have "increased
     115.3 percent" since '90, according to Scott Reid of the
     ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER.  Revenues generated from conference
     bowl and TV contracts, as well as NCAA competitions turned
     the conference's athletic programs into a "nearly quarter-
     billion-dollar-a-year-business."  The schools generated a
     combined $239.98M in the '96-97 fiscal year, dividing a
     $36.68M payout.  The '96-97 fiscal year was the most recent
     year for which records were available.  The conference paid
     half of its schools over $4M each, with USC ($4.82M), Univ.
     of WA ($4.59M), and UCLA ($4.31) topping the list.  Since
     '90, the PAC-10, a non-profit tax exempt organization, has
     divided $156.9M among its institutions.  During '96-97, the
     university's CEOs approved a 34% salary increase for PAC-10
     Commissioner Thomas C. Hansen, from $198,721 to $266,409. 
     Hansen: "I think people in the conference are very pleased
     with where we are" (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 9/16).
          SHORTING ITSELF? In a separate piece, Reid reported
     that, according to PAC-10 officials, the conference "could
     be turning their backs on more than $10 million in annual
     revenue by standing firm against expansion, a conference
     championship football game and postseason basketball and
     baseball tournaments."  PAC-10 CEOs cite academic reasons
     for resisting these changes.  Steven Sample, USC President &
     PAC-10 CEO Committee Chair: "Academics are always going to
     be number No. 1 when we consider an issue."  The PAC-10
     generates a large part of its revenue from football and
     basketball TV contracts ($22.18M), bowl games ($13.56M) and
     NCAA basketball tournament payouts ($3.23M).  The SEC and
     Big 12 divided $58.9M and $56M, respectively, among their
     schools during the '96-97 fiscal year.  A significant part
     of this revenue comes from football championships and post-
     season basketball tourneys (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 9/16).