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Volume 24 No. 116
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          For the first time since 1934, the Lions' road uniforms
     have undergone "a major makeover," according to Mike O'Hara
     of the DETROIT NEWS.  The traditional silver pants have been
     replaced by "Honolulu blue pants, with silver stripes down
     both sides."  Blue-striped socks have been replaced by
     silver-gray.  The team's white road jerseys remain the same. 
     Lions Dir of PR Mike Murray: "We wanted to get something
     more distinctive, but we wanted to maintain our traditional
     colors."  Home uniforms won't change (DETROIT NEWS, 8/21).
          PARCELLS OLD SCHOOL? NO WAY: Jets coach Bill Parcells,
     on team uniforms and logos: "I'm a traditional guy; that's
     one of my problems, I guess.  And that's not conducive to
     the marketing end of everything.  I am in no way attempting
     to diminish the importance of that, you understand?  But,
     you know, the greatest-looking uniforms in sports are the
     ones that have kind of stood the test of time. ... [W]hen
     you see those Yankees pinstripes, you know what you're
     looking at.  Nobody has to tell you what that is.  Or the
     Red Sox.  Teams that have a good, traditional, nice uniform"
     (BOSTON GLOBE, 8/20).  During the Jets-Giants game on ESPN
     last night, Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann both praised the
     Jets' return to their old logo and uniform (ESPN, 8/20).