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Volume 24 No. 156
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          The NCAA has been forced to "kink the hose" on its Div.
     I member schools, "slowing down the flow of revenue that
     feeds them," according to Steve Rock of the K.C. STAR, who
     noted that more money will now "be dumped into a multi
     million-dollar fund that someday might have to bail the NCAA
     out" of recent legal defeats.  Still, despite the two recent
     legal setbacks, NCAA President Cedric Dempsey "doesn't view
     this as a fragile time for the NCAA."  Rock reported that the
     NCAA's budget for the '98-99 academic year includes a total
     distribution to the Div. I schools and conferences of $141M,
     "almost the exact amount that was approved at this time a
     year ago."  At the start of this decade, distribution to
     "all" NCAA members was less than $80M.  All told, projected
     operating revenue for the '98-99 academic year "stops just
     short" of $283M, an increase of nearly $16M from a year ago. 
     Total expenses, meanwhile, are projected to be $266M, up less
     than $5M.  Rock reported that the NCAA is taking a "hard-line
     approach to its budget, pooling some resources ... and
     dumping them into a fund" that could be used to pay damages
     on its restricted-earnings coaches case.  The fund reserve is
     now at about $10M, and is expected to reach $30M by the
     conclusion of the '98-99 school year (K.C. STAR, 8/19).
          EL JEFE: Dempsey is interviewed in a Q&A and said the
     NCAA "can be much more cost-efficient.  I don't necessarily
     believe that means we stop all resort-type of hotels" for
     member meetings.  Dempsey, on if the NCAA should sell its
     Learjet: "It depends on what [membership] expects of me.  I
     could not travel 200 days a year commercially. ... If they
     don't want me to do that, I'll readjust" (K.C. STAR, 8/19).