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Volume 24 No. 117
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          MLB: The Mets drew 218,404 and averaged 36,401 for the
     six games of their International Week, which took place July
     31 to August 5.  The 36,401 average is up 18% from the
     team's '97 International Week, which drew 153,745 and
     averaged 30,749 for five games (THE DAILY)....Reds Managing
     Exec John Allen and GM Jim Bowden both issued separate
     statements yesterday denying a Cincinnati Enquirer report
     that "a rift exists between them" (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER,
     8/13).  ESPN's Tim Kurkjian reported that Tommy Lasorda may
     be a Senior Dodgers adviser -- not the GM -- next year, and
     Bowden "could be a candidate to succeed him" (ESPN, 8/12).
     ...Stan Smith, a spokesperson for Wayne Huizenga, "disputed"
     reports that FL business exec John Henry "made an actual
     bid" for the Marlins.  Smith: "He expressed an interest." 
     Smith added that Huizenga "did not brush off Henry" (SUN-
     SENTINEL, 8/13).....In Chicago, more than 500 dogs are
     registered for the White Sox's third annual "Dog Day
     Afternoon" on Saturday.  White Sox Senior VP/Marketing Rob
     Gallas: "We get more letters from people who don't have
     dogs, telling us how much fun it is, than people who do
     bring their dogs" (SUN-TIMES, 8/13)....Last night's Brewers-
     Astros game, which featured the second home start of Astros
     P Randy Johnson, drew a crowd of 40,217 (CHRONICLE, 8/13). 
          DAVE'S TOP TEN: Among David Letterman's Top Ten Signs
     The Yankees Are Getting Arrogant: 7) Team's stated goal is
     to 'go out and give 41%;  5) Have been using team practices
     to rehearse their World Series victory hug; 3) New
     promotion: 'Get a refund plus $10,000 if the Yankees lose
     day'; 2) Tickets now read: 'Game starts at 7:30 -- Game
     finishes when the Yankees finish whoopin' ass' (CBS, 8/12).
          NFL: In Detroit, Becky Yerak reports that since moving
     preseason practices from the Pontiac Silverdome to Saginaw
     Valley State Univ. last season, Lions training camp
     attendance "has ballooned from about 12,000 to an expected
     120,000 this year, thanks largely to more consumer-friendly
     marketing efforts" (DETROIT NEWS, 8/13).  USA TODAY's
     Jarrett Bell reports that the Lions have been one of the
     "top fan draws" this summer.  The team "has marketed its
     camp aggressively, luring more than 20 sponsors and using a
     four-county billboard advertising campaign" (USA TODAY,
     8/13)....In DC, Michael Wilbon touts the Howard Milstein/
     Calvin Hill/Paul Warfield group vying for the Browns: "There
     are folks around the NFL who talk about being inclusive. ... 
     Here are Hill, Warfield and Milstein right in front of their
     noses."  Wilbon adds that if the NFL owners don't give the
     group serious consideration, "then it's safer than ever to
     assume the idea of inclusion is a concept to which all they
     can pay is lip service" (WASHINGTON POST, 8/13).