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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Easton Sports filed a $267M lawsuit against the NCAA
     alleging an "unlawful restraint of trade," according to Ed
     Guzman of the N.Y. TIMES.  The suit, filed in U.S. District
     Court in K.C., came one day after the NCAA recommended that
     the size and weight specifications of aluminum bats "be
     altered to reduce their potency."   The NCAA's baseball
     rules committee wants the change in bats to be enacted on
     January 1, 1999 in time for next season.  But Easton wants
     to delay the rule changes, as it "estimated it would lose
     $267 million if the rule changes takes place in January." 
     Easton Chair Jim Easton: "If they give us some time to
     change our bats, we'll make any change, no matter how
     stupid."  Easton said that half of next year's bat orders
     have been, or are ready to be shipped (N.Y. TIMES, 8/8).