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Volume 25 No. 214
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          The Pirates and Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank yesterday
     announced a 20-year marketing alliance under which the new
     home of the Pirates will be named PNC Park when it opens in
     2001.  Under the naming-rights agreement, PNC will pay
     approximately $1.5M a year through the 2020 season.  The
     bank has also negotiated a separate marketing agreement that
     provides several marketing, advertising and merchandising
     opportunities, including the exclusive right to offer
     financial services at the ballpark (Pirates).  
          IMAGE BOOSTER FOR PNC: In Pittsburgh, Tom Barnes
     reports that PNC Chair Thomas O'Brien and PNC President/
     Pittsburgh Operations Sy Holzer said the new agreement
     "includes a national marketing and promotional component
     that will help PNC publicize its name on a wider scale and
     better compete in the world of institutional investing and
     asset management."  O'Brien: "We'll get something like a
     billion-and-a-half impressions of PNC a year."  O'Brien
     added that PNC's investment will also "bolster its growth in
     the Pittsburgh region," where it employs 8,100 people and
     has added 3,400 workers since '95.  The naming rights will
     cost PNC $30M over the life of the deal, and it will also
     pay another fee for the marketing deal (POST GAZETTE, 8/7).
          CAN YOU STOP THE INSANITY? MLB Commissioner Bud Selig
     was asked several questions yesterday about MLB's economic
     disparity at the PNC news conference, and in Pittsburgh,
     columnist Ron Cook writes that "it's really depressing when
     baseball's commissioner offers no real hope for any fiscal
     sanity prevailing in the future" (POST GAZETTE, 8/7).