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Volume 24 No. 116
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          The Rage's Dawn Staley has switched agents "not long
     before" the August 1 expiration of her ABL contract,
     according to a report in the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER.  Staley
     has left VA-based attorney Kenton Edelin, whose clients
     include the ABL's Jennifer Rizzotti and the WNBA's Rebecca
     Lobo, for CA-based Management Plus Enterprises.  Management
     Plus VP Bruce Binkow said the timing of Staley's move
     "happens to be a coincidence" and denied it had anything to
     do with the fact that the WNBA's Lisa Leslie is one of his
     clients "or that, as a result, Staley might jump to the
     rival league."  Binkow: "Dawn just wants to do what's best
     for Dawn" (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 7/23). 
          DYNAMIC DUO: Lobo and Leslie appeared on ESPN's "Up
     Close" last night, where Lobo called a WNBA players' union
     "something we need."  Lobo: "We don't need it so we can go
     out like the men and demand these million dollar contracts,
     we need it for a pension plan, to certify agents, to get
     health insurance year-round.  We have small goals we're
     trying to get, but I think it would be positive for all of
     us to pool our resources and get something like that going." 
     Leslie, on the WNBA's salaries: "I wouldn't want to make a
     million dollars to play basketball.  I enjoy playing the
     game, and obviously I don't want to play for free anymore,
     but a good six-figure salary is good enough.  To play for a
     million dollars -- I'd be afraid to walk down the street.  I
     don't want to get hurt.  And you have so many expectations
     of us already.  For a million dollars, you'd need to make
     every shot" ("Up Close," ESPN, 7/22).