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Volume 24 No. 155
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          Ted Turner announced that Brisbane, Australia will be
     the site of the 2001 Goodwill Games, to be held one year
     after the 2000 Summer Olympics, according to Karen Rosen of
     the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  Brisbane was chosen over finalist
     Guangzhou, China and is the first host city of the Games to
     be outside the U.S. and Russia.  The Games will squeeze its
     "next timetable to three years so that it will no longer
     compete for attention and sponsorship dollars" with the
     Olympics and World Cup.  After 2001, the Games will be held
     every four years.  The dates have not been finalized, but
     the event will "probably" take place sometime in September
     or October of 2001 (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 7/19).
          HIS BABY: Turner, during the Goodwill Games Opening
     Gala on Saturday night: "Hello, world.  Hello, New York. 
     Hello, United States.  This is pretty terrific.  These Games
     are going to be televised in over 150 countries around the
     world, and we send our greetings to every one of them.  You
     know these Games are dedicated to kids" (TBS, 7/18).  
          MORE FROM THE MOUTH: Turner joined with VP Al Gore in
     celebrating the opening on Saturday.  On reports that the
     Games will lose $30M in '98, he said, "I don't know why we
     in the press -- and I'm in it, too -- why we want to hang
     onto some little scrap of bad news and beat it to death? 
     You know, $30 million, $40 million, why, one NFL game that
     lasts two or three hours on ESPN costs more than that.  It
     just isn't that much money" (NEWSDAY, 7/19).  More Turner:
     "This is going to be a big franchise.  You see where (IOC
     member) Dick Pound doesn't like us.  He said we were just a
     made-for-TV Olympics.  Imagine that.  He must think we're
     competition.  Isn't that what life's all about,
     competition?" (ATL. CONSTITUTION, 7/20).  Turner said that
     ticket sales have hit 300,000, and that the Games have sold
     100,000 "in the last couple of days."  Turner: "Half the
     tickets have been sold, which is just, I think, incredible
     for a onetime event like this" (PHILA. DAILY NEWS, 7/20).  
          NOT THE BEST SITE? In Philadelphia, John Smallwood
     writes under the header, "Manhattan No Place For Goodwill." 
     He states that New Yorkers see the event as "just a scaled-
     down version of the Olympics.  And second-rate just doesn't
     fly in New York."  He notes yesterday's USA-Puerto Rico
     men's basketball game at MSG "was generously" announced at
     more than 8,000, which "would be considered a bad" gate for
     the WNBA's Liberty (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 7/20).    
          SMOOTH DAY ONE: Games organizers said that the first
     day of the event "went surprisingly smoothly, without any
     traffic problems on the nearby roads and with enough parking
     for all" (NEWSDAY, 7/20)...."Extra" reporter Maureen O'Boyle
     will file a daily report from the Games (THE DAILY).