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Volume 24 No. 117
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          Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner continues to
     criticize next year's schedule that would have his team play
     two, three-game series against the Mets: "If [MLB
     Commissioner Bud] Selig isn't careful, he will disintegrate
     the traditional rivalries of baseball" (N.Y. POST,
     7/17)....Selig said he "supports" the idea of "someday"
     putting an MLB team in Mexico.  Selig: "I like the idea. 
     There's no question we have to take this game international
     in a myriad of ways.  Does that mean putting a team in
     Mexico?  Ultimately" (BLOOMBERG NEWS, 7/16).
          CART NUMBERS: In Toronto, Gayle Macdonald examines
     sponsor support of CART's Molson Indy, which will be held
     this weekend and is expected to draw 170,000 fans.  Although
     more than two-thirds of the spectators at the Molson Indy
     site are male, the "female participation rate is slowly
     growing."  Of the men, 51% are in the 26-to-44 age group,
     and more than 35% of attendees make over C$75,000 a year. 
     Macdonald: "All this spells major purchasing power, which
     has brought a new breed of sponsor" (GLOBE & MAIL, 7/17).