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Volume 24 No. 116
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          The Goodwill Games, which start Saturday in the NYC
     Metro Area, "could be a tree falling in the forest with no
     one to hear it.  Or, the sound of one hand clapping,"
     according to Steve Adameck of the Bergen RECORD.  Adameck
     wrote that while events including figure skating and
     gymnastics will "drive [TV] ratings," only "about a third"
     of tickets for the games have been sold (RECORD, 7/12). 
     BUSINESS WEEK's Brad Wolverton profiles the Games and writes
     that "since the collapse of communism, the Goodwill Games
     have struggled for an identity in a saturated sports market.
     ... Unfortunately, this version of the Goodwill Games will
     be a mere regional event in a poorly chosen locale."  But
     Games officials are hoping for "heavy walk-up sales"
     following a late ad blitz (BUSINESS WEEK, 7/20 issue).
          MJ DOWN, NOT OUT: Olympic double gold medalist Michael
     Johnson, who was to compete in the 200 and 400 meter races,
     will not compete in the 200 event due to injuries.  He will
     still run in the 400 meter race (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 7/10).