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Volume 24 No. 114
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          FIFA's Exec Committee, meeting for the first time under
     newly elected President Sepp Blatter, agreed to hire a
     consulting firm to study reorganization of its management
     structure," according to a report in the Ft. Lauderdale SUN-
     SENTINEL.  Earlier in the day, FIFA's World Cup Organizing
     Committee heard Chair Lennart Johansson declare the
     tournament an "overwhelming success."  Johansson said there
     had been problems with ticket scandals and fan violence, but
     he and Blatter said that the quality of play, atmosphere in
     the stadiums and general organization made this a "memorable
     World Cup in almost every respect."  At the meeting, Blatter
     stepped away "from one of the main planks of his campaign
     platform" and withdrew his proposal to set up a full-time
     executive board at the federation's headquarters in Zurich
     (Ft. Lauderdale SUN-SENTINEL, 7/10).  The FINANCIAL TIMES'
     Sugden & Tomlinson wrote that FIFA's reform structures
     reflect Blatter's "desire" to "consolidate his control over
     key decisions" (FINANCIAL TIMES, 7/10).
          WOMEN EYE '99: In N.Y., Stefan Fatsis writes on the
     progress of the '99 Women's World Cup.  Organizers hope to
     sell 500,000 to 700,000 available tickets, making it "the
     biggest women's-only sports event ever."  The event "has
     gotten some" corporate help -- from A-B and adidas --"to
     spread the word" and Marla Messing, President of the Women's
     World Cup Organizing Committee, met this week with Coca-Cola
     regarding a possible marketing partnership.  Claude Ruibal,
     Coca-Cola's head of worldwide soccer said that while the
     event "plays well" to the company's grass-roots interest, "I
     doubt we'll do a national marketing program around Women's
     World Cup" (Stefan Fatsis, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 7/10).
          NOTES: An estimated 24 million viewers in France
     watched the conclusion of the France-Croatia match on
     Wednesday.  The population of France is about 60 million
     (AP/Mult., 7/10)....An editorial in the MINNEAPOLIS STAR
     TRIBUNE states, "You don't have to love soccer to appreciate
     something extraordinary about ABC's broadcasts of the World
     Cup," which air "without commercial interruption.  Other
     networks, too, should appreciate ABC's experiment and look
     for ways to extend it to more sports broadcasts" (STAR
     TRIBUNE, 7/10)....NEWSDAY's Steve Zipay gives a "red card"
     to ESPN2 for its bottom-screen crawl showing the final score
     of Tuesday's Brazil-Netherlands match during the tape-
     delayed replay that night (NEWSDAY, 7/10).